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Allied Forces

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Allied Forces is a Halo fiction video part of the ONI Archive video series that goes over the Great Schism, and John-117's role in it.[1]


The video takes the form of File:CHELAN_20200714,[1] a file part of Director Schaefer's "content series" in ONI Section 2's public awareness campaign regarding the UNSC's role in colonial security. The series is aimed at educating UEG citizens on the history, evolution, and application of the Spartan Program.[2]


Scenes from Halo 2: Anniversary and Halo 3 play at the start of the short.

  • Comms Officer: "When we stumbled upon a second ringworld. A place eventually classified as "Delta Halo". The fates of more than just Humanity came to an inexplicable crossroads. The initial struggle to control the ring became an unlikely alliance to keep its incredible power from falling into the hands of a foe more ancient and dangerous than the Covenant. With each passing day seeming to provide a new and greater challenge, help would eventually come from an improbable place. Within the Covenant itself a fracture had begun to form. Two rival military factions, the Elites and Brutes, struggled to establish internal political supremacy, weakening the alien empire from within."
  • Tartarus: "The Brutes, not the Elites shall be the Prophets escort."
  • Comms Officer: "As the battle pressed forward on multiple fronts, UNSC seized the opportunity to take control of Delta Halo systems, averting certain disaster, just in time to turn their attention back home to defend Earth from a Covenant invasion one last time."
  • Comms Officer: "Refusing once more to leave humanity's homeworld defenseless, the Master Chief stowed away on a once dormant Forerunner starship to make his way back to Earth. With the Covenant on the brink of collapse. The UNSC looked to take advantage of their weakness in order to finish the fight once and for all, but in a last-ditch effort to bring their power to bear, the alien alliance arrived at Earth to scour the plains of Africa for an ancient device that had changed the course of the war."
  • Comms Officer: " The events at Delta Halo served as a stark reminder that just as strength is born from unity, disaster is born from division. Humanities journey across the stars should remind us that we are better together, colony's, worlds, even species are made stronger under a common banner, and that strength has never been more vital."

ONI Screen activates, showing the file name "File:CHELAN_20200714", and a wave form of a "Comms Officer". With the words "Transmission suspended" in the center of the screen.

  • Comms Specialist P. Andres: "Hey. Thanks for meeting."
  • Comms Officer: "Of course. Everything okay?"
  • P. Andres: "Look, you're gonna wanna see this. To be honest, I wasn't even really sure who to go to."
  • Comms Officer: "What is it?"
  • P. Andres: "Just... Just... Just take a look."
  • Comms Officer: "Very well."

Audible sounds play suggesting the comms officer looking at whatever Andres is showing

  • Comms Officer: "Where did... How did you get these?"
  • P. Andres: "It came up during my last public sentiment scrub on underground Waypoint channels. I don't think they were deliberately meant to be found but I also don't think whoever released the data really cared who might see it."
  • Comms Officer: "Encryption?"
  • P. Andres: "Little to none! What do you think it means?"
  • Comms Officer: "It means we might just have a new problem on our hands soon. Potentially a big one."

ONI Screen deactivates, and the Halo 3 logo appears saying "Available now" below it.


  • The filename is a reference to Halo 3's launch on the PC and Steam versions of Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the number "20200714" referring to the game's launch date of July 14, 2020. The CHELAN part of the name refers to the Chelan app that requests permission when the player logs into Xbox Live through Steam. The number below LINK "20070925" is a reference to the original Halo 3 release date on September 25, 2007.
  • P. Andres is voiced by Malik Prince, who at the time worked at Xbox.[3]


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