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Go Medieval

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Go Medieval is a trailer released to promote the release of Series 8: Mythic for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.[1] The trailer was released on October 6, 2021 and features the voiceover of Frank O'Connor reading dialogue from Halo Legends' Origins atop the seasonal menu background featuring a D77-TC Pelican. The trailer uses the Delta Halo Suite track from the Halo Legends: Original Soundtrack.


Various shots of a Pelican dropship amidst Greek-style ruins play.

  • Frank O'Connor: From its earliest days, humanity has always fought.
  • Frank O'Connor: Yet amidst the bloodshed, seeds of both destruction and salvation were found.
  • Frank O'Connor: There are those who wonder if warriors will ever disappear from this world.
  • Frank O'Connor: But most already know the answer...
  • Frank O'Connor: For whether it's throughout our own universe
  • Frank O'Connor: Or the fractured remnants of countless others...
  • Frank O'Connor: There will always be warriors
  • Frank O'Connor: And there will always be war
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