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Halo Online Announce Trailer

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The Halo Online announcement trailer was released on March 25, 2015. It showcases gameplay (including the sandbox and several maps) as well as the armor and weapon customization menus. The trailer is set to the Halo Legends track "Sacred Icon Suite 2".[1]


  • Fades in as the camera sweeps through an alley on the map "Icebox", zooming in on an energy barrier at the end of an adjacent street.
  • Cuts to and tracks a Spartan as he runs toward the end of a Forerunner platform on the map "Edge", then jumps off. Waterfalls run to the Spartan's left and right in the background.
  • Cuts to a set of pistons on the map "Reactor", lingering briefly as they rise and discharge electricity.
  • POV shifts to the exterior of "Reactor", panning right to left past a trio of Spartans and a Warthog. Two Spartans remain in front of the vehicle (the one on the left crouching) while the third mans the machine gun turret.
  • Cuts to a platform on "Guardian" as a spike grenade lands in front of the camera, emitting a high-pitched tone. Three Spartans exchange fire in midair as the grenade explodes. The camera pans left and zooms as two of the Spartans continuing shooting at one another on the ground.


As this trailer uses a Pre-Alpha build, many graphics and names are not final.