Halo Wars 2 E3 Trailer BTS

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Halo Wars 2 E3 Trailer BTS was a video by 343 Industries. In the video, various 343 Industries employees shed light on the creative process behind Halo Wars 2 and its cutscenes. It was released on June 13, 2016 shortly after the Halo Wars 2 Official E3 Trailer.[1]


Random Person: And rolling.


Kevin Grace: The new trailer we've just seen uh, really sums up the war in Halo Wars 2. You've got Warthogs and marines and Cyclops on one side, Brutes and Blisterbacks on the other-side in between them stand two men.

Dan Ayoub: Cutter and the crew of the Spirit of Fire, wake up from cryo sleep and they find themselves at the Ark. They have no idea how they got there, and they come across Atriox and The Banished.

Kevin Grace: His force is a group that actually fought the Covenant even before humanity beat them. And since the Covenant has fallen apart, he has acquired weapons, he's acquired soldiers, he's acquired power.

Dan Ayoub: Because we wanted to tell such a deep story with Atriox in the cinematics, what was great as we involved Blur at the beginning.

Dave Wilson: We've been working with Microsoft specifically on the Halo franchise since 2008 when we did the original Halo Wars, and over the course of those years we've, we feel like a great partnership has developed.

Kevin Grace: It wasn't a process of us just showing up delivering the script and saying "there go make that", we brought them the story and we said "this is what we think we want to do, what do you guys think, how can we make this better?"

Dan Ayoub: So we wanted to do in the trailer is set up two opposite commanders on the battlefield, controlling the action, and kind of a point-counterpoint, so you know Cutter makes a move, Atriox makes a move, then you know Cutter makes a counter-move.

David Wilson: The first two months of it was just trying to find the right idea, which in my opinion is the most important part. We felt that when you're these commanders of the battlefield they would be able to sort of slow time down and narrow their focus on, on what was important. We wanted to do that in, in the extreme slow motion so thousand frames per second, 500 frames per second, so we needed a way to visualize that in layout quickly so we knew where are challenges would be.

Dan Ayoub: Where's my go-to right, I mean Blurs really become my go-to for cinematics as far as I'm concerned it's not like always going to pick up the phone and find a shop to do this. It's just hey they're our cinematics team they understand us, we understand them, we have a great working relationship and they share our passion for Halo.