Halo Wars 2 ViDoc: Strategy

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Halo Wars 2 ViDoc: Multiplayer is a video documentary by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly which discusses the strategy multiplayer of Halo Wars 2.


  • Clay Jensen : When you're loading into a match think about what you want to do in that first minute.
  • Jeff Easterling : Already be talking to your teammates.
  • Jeremy Cook : Don't hesitate just get aggressive and get out there as quick as possible.


  • Clay Jensen : The thing you need to look out for a deck building for blitz is be flexible.
  • Jeremy Cook : You only have 12 very precious slots. I really try to make sure that I have everything that does more than one thing.
  • Max Szlagor : For a 1v1 deck you really need a fairly balanced deck, with a few flex slots. If you're playing in teams you have a bit more flexibility because you can choose to specialize in a slightly different way so you can go with heavier units and more powers.
  • Jeff Easterling : I kind of build from my uber unit down. What do I want the biggest baddest hurt to be.
  • Max Szlagor : I think all the leaders bring something interesting to the table they all have two different unique starting armies.
  • Jeremy Cook : I definitely have recently been playing shipmaster more, he starts with very fast units, he starts with ghosts, Marauders which are quick. He's got teleportation in his decks he's got a lot of things that are about being all over the battlefield and kind of keeping your enemy on their back foot.
  • Clay Jensen : One of my favorite leaders is still Cutter. We wait in the later game and you bring in you know ODST drop, ODST assault group, turret drop, Cyclops drop and then follow it up with close air support. You basically can put a huge army on the field in a matter of seconds.
  • Max Szlagor : If you're a really big fan of kind of being tricky, manipulative, then the Isabel leader would be a good one for you.
  • Jeff Easterling : I really like the take control aspect of her units being able to kind of like hack AI or send hologram decoys.
  • Clay Jensen : The Kodiak I think is a very valuable unit it takes a little bit of effort to deploy it and undeploy it, find good places for it. They can put down a heck of a lot of firepower in a really short amount of time.
  • Jeff Easterling : I love aerial units. Their big strength is, terrain is not really an issue. It's great for swooping in and capturing points.
  • Max Szlagor : Make great use of the healing units like the engineer and the nightingale, those are some of the most important units in Blitz.
  • Jeremy Cook : I definitely like to throw things like blisterbacks out there and try to control areas on the ground.
  • Clay Jensen : Some Nightingales with some Hornets flying cover are really an interesting, powerful combination.
  • Jeff Easterling : Skirmish may be one of the best things about it is that it gives you some really good training on how to reduce your building times.
  • Clay Jensen : That's a great way to learn the game, it's a great way to actually experiment with different strategies.
  • Jeff Easterling : How can I get to my best point the fastest, skirmish is a great way to get that repetition in and practice that.
  • Clay Jensen : Get your economy going fast. There's loads of ways to capture resources whether it's through points, running around the map, get your Marines out there, start picking up crates go and see what the AI is up to. Because you're playing skirmish, assume it's coming with the rush. Start building turrets.