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Halo Wars 2 ViDoc: Trial by Fire

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Halo Wars 2 ViDoc: Kinsano - Trial by Fire is a video documentary by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly which discusses on Morgan Kinsano and the Hellbringers of Halo Wars 2.


  • Clay Jensen : Morgan Kinsano is a really interesting character. Not only if she new to the Halo universe but she's coming up from the ranks, she's former hellbringer.
  • Max Szlagor : Kinsano is a leader that's certainly all about fire damage, which really blends well with a leader, for example, that can stun or pull units into a certain place.
  • Jeremy Cook : From a visual standpoint it’s going to bring a lots of to the table. Fire is typically downplayed in games for performance reasons, that make fires one of our nicer effects in the game. So to have a leader centered around that to me is going to bring a fantastic spectacle to any battlefield.


  • Clay Jensen : Her strength really comes from using all of her flame attacks together. Getting in your flame hogs, dropping napalm misiles, setting the whole place on fire with Inferno. It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse and if you can't run away you're done.
  • Jeremy Cook : But what's not to love here. Pyromania with mechanized units, that's an awesome combination. Kinsano’s flame Cyclops is something that’s near dear to my heart because I love mechs and any excuse to get another mech in the game, I’m all in.
  • Max Szlagor : It’s super powerful, it can be upgraded to have this flame wall ability that can really do a lot of damage to anything that's in front of it on the ground. It's one of those units that's going to be great across all the different modes in the game, a really powerful units to build up an upgrade for your traditional deathmatch mode, and also something that has a lot of impact on Blitz.
  • Jeremy Cook : Kinsano’s other signature unit is the flame Warthog, which is a lot of fun because Warthogs are great, they’re crazy, they jump around super fast so what better way to augment that than attaching a flamethrower on it.
  • Max Szlagor : It’s fast, it can be further upgraded with a veteran version of the flame warthog as well.
  • Jeremy Cook: I think she's going to be a really fun leader for those that like to be the brasser, like to hit in the face and I'm going to go out early in game and I just cause chaos.
  • Max Szlagor : But really for those hit and run for capturing a point or taking down a base really quickly, Kinsano’s super powerful for those kind of scenarios.
  • Clay Jensen : I'm really excited to see how Kinsano is going to change the landscape of the game.
  • Max Szlagor : Flamethrowers in general are dangerous for the user, they are scary and very chaotic, so I really wanted to play with those things and convey this across the visuals and how she plays. I think if you like to play that way you will really enjoy Kinsano.