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Halo Wars 2 ViDoc: Hunt or be Hunted

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Halo Wars 2 ViDoc: Colony - Hunt or be Hunted is a video documentary by 343 Industries and Creative Assembly which discusses the Colony DLC's of Halo Wars 2.


  • Jeff Easterling : We're super excited about Colony. It’s the next DLC leader in Halo Wars 2.
  • Clay Jensen : We wanted to get back to the Banished as soon as we could, and Colony is an amazing addition to the roster. Everybody loves Hunters!
  • Kevin Grace : They've never been in charge, they've never had a personality, they've always been a completely alien threat from the Covenant. But now we've got a hunter calling the shots, and it's a cooking up some pretty interesting fun for Halo Wars 2.


  • Clay Jensen : One of the most exciting new units that we have with Colony are the Skitters. Each Skitterer is a Lekgolo-powered turret with legs.
  • Kevin Grace : In a way mini mini mini scarabs but in large numbers and, with the right tactics, can be sometimes just as deadly.
  • Clay Jensen : But their real power comes from actually attaching to other units and depending on the size of that unit, you can attach one, two or even up to three skitters to basically be an associated turret that follow that unit around and help defend it. goliaths are another new unit Colony has, and they're Hunters on steroids.
  • Jeff Easterling : Fans are used to encountering Hunters in Halo as a pair, they're always these bond brothers pair. So the Goliath Hunter is both of those units all put together into one. So just a wild primate, running through the enemy lines it's insane.
  • Clay Jensen : Colony has a new hero unit, a Hunter captain, which is another very strong Hunter unit with a heavy heavy set of armor. The thing I love most about Hunter captain is its ability to taunt other nearby units to attack it. It makes for an amazing tank unit and basically allows you to draw fire off of your other units that are trying to make an attack. The Lekgolo has a number of new leader powers that I think are really interesting, are going to change up gameplay quite a lot. One of the new powers is Living Barrier. Basically it’s a series of smaller Lekgolo colonies in armored, kind of caltrop tank trap types of barriers.
  • Jeff Easterling : You have the ability to really kind of have some area denial aspects to your play. You can cordon off certain areas, trap enemy players, there's so many possibilities.
  • Clay Jensen : Vehicle Symbiote is another power that I think is going to be really helpful for players. When you cast it basically you've got Lekgolo worms moving into that vehicle and taking over to help pilot and basically increase its damage.
  • Kevin Grace : More speed, more damage, it kind of mixes up across the battlefield. But again it's this idea of many smaller entities working together to pull the larger threat.
  • Clay Jensen : In addition to the other Hunter related powers that Colony has, it also has a really good ability to drop in additional armies on the fly, with devastating host or a Colony Drop. And it has a great offensive power in the form of Hunter’s Brand, which is basically a beam weapon attack that has very little warning and a quick cool down.
  • Kevin Grace : So we're really excited to bring Colony up for Halo Wars 2 and see a little bit more about the Banished, what kind of soldiers, what kind of leaders Atriox has in store for us in the future. There's some really exciting options coming down the line but for now we're going to see a whole new view of the Hunters through Colony. Hope you have fun.