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Making Halo 4: Majestic Map Pack

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Making Halo 4: Majestic Map Pack is a video documentary by 343 Industries, about the development of the Majestic Map Pack. It was released on YouTube on February 19th, 2013.[1]


  • Mike Clopper: "We already have all of these fantastic maps we've created for the shipped title, and we want to better that."
  • Lori Zawada: "We're taking all of the experience had and we're polishing and refining everything."
  • Rolf Mohr: "There's going to be new places in the Halo universe that have not been seen before."
  • Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky: "These maps offer a totally different playing-space from the ones we have now."
  • Kynan Pearson: "The theme of this map pack is more small-scale arenas; it hearkens back to classic Halo map design."
  • Mike Clopper: Map-pack 2 is going to feature three incredibly solid maps, which offers straight up infantry combat. Which is kind of the bread and butter of Halo."
  • Kevin Franklin: There are three maps - and they're all close-quarters - they really do play differently."
  • Lori Zawada: "Each one does have a different mood, each have their own color theme, and that's a conscious decision of our part."
  • Rolf Mohr: "We collaborate very closely between art and design, to create this unified experience.
  • Lori Zawada: "So as the group the entire DLC is growing together."


Main article: Skyline (level)
  • Kevin Franklin: "Skyline is definitely the fastest of the three maps, you're going to be getting into combat faster than ever before. "
  • Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky: "It's got two bases in two different levels. And it's really great for 4 v 4 and 2 v 2 matches."
  • Kevin Franklin: "Fictionally the map is pretty cool. It takes place on a space tether in the middle of being constructed. So you can look out and see the skyline of the city."
  • Kynan Pearson: "Imagine this brand new city. Perhaps arising from the ashes of previous wars.
  • Brad Jeansonne: "They may only see one small part of this story, and we're trying to think outside of this balance."


Main article: Monolith
  • Kynan Pearson: Monolith is cool arena-style map."
  • Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky: "It's essentially a four-base symmetrical map, with the two side-bases slight varied from one another."
  • Kynan Pearson: "One of the cool things about the map is that you've got long lines of sight into the center, though it gives you a lot of cover so you can kind of strafe around and find some dynamic encounters."
  • Kynan Pearson: "Monolith takes place in an asteroid belt. And in the ancient Human-Forerunner War the Didact had issued a command to have these monuments built for the fallen warriors that had died during that war.


Main article: Landfall (level)
  • Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky: "Landfall is an asymmetrical, mid-sized map which has this industrial feel which that I think will resonate well with a lot of classic Halo fans."
  • Kevin Franklin: "It's really a combination between classic outdoor spaces and close, intimate, tight spaces."
  • Rolf Mohr: "Landfall is kind of a recreation of a historical battle that happened in the capital city of the planet Tribute. There's a Covenant attack going on, and it's cool because you can see it in the background."
  • Lori Zawada: "It's hard to get more to that map. There's so many ins and outs, and I think people are going to have so much fun playing it."
  • Mike Clopper: "As a designer, the most satisfying thing for me is to get that map that can stand the test of time and people can have the most fun on it."
  • Kevin Franklin: "If you're a fan that has enjoyed Infinity Slayer, Big Team Slayer, and you're looking for close-quarters maps, this is definitely the map pack for you!"