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H4 Landfall.png
Map overview


Halo 4

Map designation:

War Games Map_Set/: 891-3[1]


Casbah City, Tribute[2]


Human urban structure; industrial hallways and chambers

Gameplay overview

Recommended gametype(s):

The world of Tribute is now a graveyard, but its capital was once a bright beacon of commerce among the inner colonies. Fight in the corridors and courtyards of Casbah’s port authority buildings, but don’t stand still too long.

Landfall is a Halo 4 multiplayer map. It was released as part of the Majestic Map Pack on February 25, 2013. Unique among Halo 4's maps, it takes place during the Human-Covenant War, namely the Battle of Tribute.[3]


Landfall is a medium-sized, asymmetrical map that is separated into an outdoor area and indoor area. Most areas are made up of two levels, and have multiple passageways leading into them. There are numerous cargo containers to provide cover, and fusion cores dot the outdoor area.

The map is thematically very similar to Halo: Reach, as its backstory is concurrent with that game. In the background, multiple Covenant warships are attacking the city. A civilian transport craft is docked on a nearby runway; it leaves the dock every few minutes and returns after a while. Two F-41 Broadswords are parked on the runway, but, like the civilian craft, they cannot be interacted with.


  • The CRS-class light cruisers in Landfall have the green colored lights that are associated with the post-war Covenant rather than the original blue and purple lights. This is also true with the multiple corvettes as well.
  • In Forge, it is possible to place Forklifts. However, these Forklifts are static pieces of scenery and cannot be driven nor destroyed. Also, when placed on the ground, the front of the Forklift often falls through the map.