Out the Other

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Seize the Power


One Last Time

Out the Other
SP10 CH4 Out The Other.png


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Warrens, Requiem


  • Disable the AA power source.
  • Secure an LZ for pickup.
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Pelican dispatched to retrieve Fireteam Crimson and the Harvester power supply, but Covenant forces are converging on their location in Warrens.

Out the Other is the fourth chapter of Spartan Ops' tenth episode, Exodus.[1]


Having returned to the Warrens with the Lich's engine core, Crimson moves to exit the cavern. Along the way, they salvage useful equipment from downed Pelicans in the area, including a working Mantis. When they reach the exit, they find the passage blocked by a shield wall. While trying to find the source of the shield, Roland determines that the three sphere-like devices Crimson had previously activated to open the door to Apex are powering the Forerunner Anti-Aircraft guns that are preventing rescue birds from evacuating survivors at Apex. Eventually Roland determines that the spheres are also powering the shield wall. Crimson destroys the three spheres, bringing down the shield wall, and cutting power to the Apex guns. Crimson then heads through the passage and exits the cave. Outside, they are confronted by a large Covenant force, including Wraiths. With help from the recovered Mantis, the Spartans defeat the Covenant forces. A Pelican then arrives to pick them up.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Crimson is back in the Warrens.

  • Miller: “Almost home, Crimson.”
  • Dalton: “Miller, there’s several Pelicans down in Crimson’s area. We have to get the Apex guns offline if we’re going to safely evacuate anyone from that corner of the planet.”
  • Miller: “You got it, Dalton. Crimson, clear the area.”

Crimson engages a group of Covenant nearby. Some of the Sangheili are armed with Promethean weapons.

  • Miller: “Feel free to use any toys that got left behind. We don’t have time to send in cleanup teams.”

A quake hits.

  • Miller: “The quakes are getting worse. We haven’t got a lot of time left here. Crimson, you’ve got to move. Those quakes are Requiem trying to tear itself apart with you still on it.”
  • Miller: “Crimson, remember those Pelicans have useful supplies onboard.”

Crimson defeats the Covenant forces. They then investigate a downed Pelican and find a working Mantis nearby.

  • Miller: “Nice! A Mantis should give them some trouble.”
  • Miller: “Drop pod incoming!”

A Covenant drop pod descends and deploys another wave of enemy troops. An energy shield activates over the exit.

  • Miller: “Where did that shield come from? Roland, any thoughts?”
  • Roland: (condescending) “Oh, I don’t have to shut up now?”
  • Miller: “Roland!”
  • Roland: “No idea where the shield’s originating from. But I can tell you that freaky beam thingy is what’s powering the big guns. Give me a moment to sort it out. I promise to be quiet while I do it.”
  • Miller: “Crimson, hold down the area! We’ll have answer to you shortly.”
  • Miller: “Phantom on approach.”

A Phantom deploys more Covenant troops. Prometheans also phase in.

  • Miller: “Roland, any update on that shield?”
  • Roland: “Something in the area is messing up Crimson’s armor sensors. It’s making it difficult to sort out the data. I’ve got some theories...”
  • Miller: “Any you’d care to share?”
  • Roland: “Not yet.”

Crimson clears out most enemies:

  • Roland: “Okay... Now. Now I have an idea.”
  • Miller: “Shoot.”
  • Roland: “Exactly the plan. Shoot these. And the shield should go with them.”
  • Miller: “Do it, Crimson. We need to get at the anti-air power supply.”

The three metal spheres hovering in the energy columns are highlighted.

The first sphere is destroyed:

  • Miller: "One down. Any effect?"
  • Roland: "Definitely. The shield's at half power."

Second sphere is destroyed:

  • Miller: "One more to go."

Third sphere is destroyed:

  • Roland: “That did it. Guns offline. Shield down. Pretty good plan, I’d say. Maybe not the most exciting...”
  • Miller: “It was great work, Roland. You too, Crimson. Setting a waypoint. Get moving.”

Crimson heads into the tunnel leading to the exit. Upon reaching the end, they find a locked door barring the exit.

  • Miller: “Roland...”
  • Roland: “That’s a big locked door is what that is. Already looking for a way through.”

Crawlers materialize behind Crimson.

  • Miller: “Crawlers!”

Crimson neutralizes the attackers.

  • Roland: “Got it. Crimson, marking the door override for you now.”

Crimson hits the override and the door opens. They exit the caverns and move outside.

Three Covenant drop pods land in front of them and deploy a large group of heavily armed Sangheili.

  • Miller: “Dalton, Crimson’s almost in position.”
  • Dalton: “Got ya, Miller. Pelican’s inbound but it has to take the long way around with all those Apex guns still firing.”
  • Miller: “Crimson will have the beach clear by the time your pilot gets there.”

More hostiles appear, including Wraiths. Another drop pod descends.

  • Miller: “Heads up! Additional targets inbound!”

Crimson takes out most of the Covenant:

  • Miller: “A few more to go.”

Crimson finishes off the remaining Covenant:

  • Dalton: “Miller, Crimson’s ride is on station.”
  • Miller: “Good work so far, Crimson. Let’s get that power supply back to the Harvester and get the hell off this planet.”

Pelican arrives. Crimson gets on board.

Fade to black.


Level ends.


  • After Crimson exits the cave, Dalton tells them the Pelican has to go the long way around because the Apex guns are still firing. However, Roland had previously stated the guns were offline after Crimson destroyed the three spheres in the cavern.
  • At one point, when Miller warns Crimson of an incoming drop pod, the subtitles mistakenly refer to him as Murphy.