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Spartan Mountain

Galileo Base (Chapter).png


Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Galileo Base, Requiem


Secure Galileo Base from attacking Covenant forces.

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UNSC Science base Galileo requires assistance repelling enemy advances.

Galileo is the second chapter of Spartan Ops' third episode, Catherine.[1]


Fireteam Crimson arrive to Galileo Base via Pelican dropship. As they land, they are met by a small team of UNSC Marines. As Crimson and the marines engage Covenant troops Dr. Owen, one of the base science personnel, informs Commander Palmer that Covenant forces are after their computer systems in order to gain access to the signal data Crimson had recovered earlier. Palmer tells her to shut down all systems within the facility as Crimson and the marines secure the area. Dr. Owen, however, tells the commander that she can't, as she and the rest of the base survivors have already locked themselves away in a safe room underground. Spartan Jared Miller accesses the base schematics and locates three generators that power Galileo's computer systems. With the targets painted, Palmer orders Crimson to deactivate them. After disabling the first power core, Spartan Robert Dalton informs Commander Palmer that several Banshees are inbound towards Galileo Base. Palmer then warns Crimson of the incoming threat. At the same time, Miller receives word from Covenant COM chatter that Parg Vol is somewhere nearby. Commander Palmer tells Crimson that if they see him, they take him out immediately.

As Crimson works to shut down all computer systems, a UNSC Marine informs them that Parg Vol has escaped from the area. This annoys Palmer, but is reassured by the fact that they will find him again soon. After Crimson deactivated all power cores, Palmer tells Dalton to re-activate the base defense system remotely. Before he can activate the system properly, Dalton realizes that the Covenant have jammed the wireless up-link from the Infinity. Miller then paints a waypoint over the base's automated defense turrets for Crimson to locate and activate. Crimson successfully does so and Galileo enters lock-down. Shortly afterwards, another wave of Covenant reinforcements arrive. Crimson, with the aid of marine survivors, successfully repel the attack and secure the rest of the facility. Commander Palmer informs Dr. Owen that it is safe to come out and tells her to bring Galileo up and running again so that she and her team can find out why the Covenant were after their signal data. Palmer also requests Miller for a report from the marine who let Parg Vol escape.


Note: All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


A Pelican flies over Galileo base. Numerous Marines mill around as the Pelican lands.

  • Miller: "Crimson's on station, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, you're coming in hot on Galileo Base. There're Marines on the ground, but make no mistake, you're the cavalry."


  • Dr. Owen: "Covenant forces are after our computer systems! They're digging through the signal data that Crimson collected!"
  • Palmer: "Doctor Owen, shut down the systems while Crimson aids the Marines."
  • Dr. Owen: "I... can't. We're locked away in the safe room underground."
  • Miller: "I've got the schematics on Galileo. Here are the locations of the power cores for all computer systems."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, targets are painted. Shut 'em down."
  • Dalton: "Commander Palmer, I'm seeing Banshees on a vector towards Crimson's Galileo op."
  • Palmer: "Got it, Dalton. Eyes toward the sky, Crimson."

The player deactivates the first power core.

  • Miller: "One power core offline, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Two to go, Crimson. Keep it up."
  • Miller: "Commander Palmer, we've got Covie chatter about Parg Vol in Crimson's area!"
  • Palmer: "Crimson, your mission's to shut down those computers, but if you see that hingehead, you take him down."

The player deactivates the second power core.

  • Miller: "One target to go, Commander."
  • Marine: "Spartans? Hate to interrupt, but we lost eyes on Parg Vol. Gave us the slip."
  • Palmer: "Dammit. Understood, Marine. We'll find him again."

The player deactivates the third power core

  • Miller: "That's all the targets, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Dalton, you online?"
  • Dalton: "I'm here, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Cycle up Galileo's defenses remotely."
  • Dalton: "One second."
  • Dalton: "Can't do it. Covies jammed the Infinity uplink."
  • Palmer: "Miller."
  • Miller: "Already on it. Painting nav points for Crimson now."

Covenant drop pod deploys more enemy troops

The player activates the first turret.

  • Palmer: "Well done, Crimson. Now get the other one up-and-running."

Enemy Phantom descends and deploys more enemy troops

The player activates the other turret.

  • Miller: "That's both turrets, Commander. Galileo's on lockdown."

A drop pod descends and deposits two Hunters.

  • Miller: "Hunters!"
  • Palmer: "You're not clear yet, Crimson. Take 'em down."

After the player kills the Hunters:

  • Miller: "Phantom inbound!"
  • Palmer: "See that, Crimson? Stay sharp!"

Phantom arrives and deposits more Covenant. Shortly afterwards, a drop pod descends and releases more enemies.

After the player kills most enemies.

  • Miller: "Still a few Covenant in your area, Crimson. Marking them for you now."

Crimson finishes off the remaining Covenant.

  • Palmer: "Doctor Owen? Still with us?"
  • Dr. Owen: "Still in the safe room, yes."
  • Palmer: "It's safe to come out now. Get your lab running again, and let's see why the Covies were so interested in Crimson's data."
  • Palmer: "Miller, I want a report from the Marine who let Parg Vol slip away."
  • Miller: "You got it, Commander."


Level ends.


  • The Marine who reports Parg Vol's escape is incorrectly identified on the player's HUD as "Spartan Scott Macrae".
  • At the end, Palmer says, "I want a report from the Marine who let Parg Vol slip away." In the subtitles, it says "the Marine that let Parg Vol".