All The Secrets

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All The Secrets
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Control, Requiem


Access the three Covenant computers.

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En route to rendezvous with Infinity, Fireteam Crimson has been forced to land at Covenant control facility. Spartans are investigating structure's purpose.

All The Secrets is the second chapter of Spartan Ops' sixth episode, Scattered.[1]


While in transit onboard their captured Phantom, Crimson receives a message from the Covenant, ordering them to land at a nearby secure facility. Roland deduces that the Covenant believe the Phantom still belongs to them. Miller and Palmer order Crimson to go along with this in order to gain intel from the facility. Crimson's Phantom lands at the base and deploys Fireteam Crimson who storm the facility. The Spartans are ordered to seek out three Covenant computers, so that Roland can insert a worm into them, allowing Infinity to tap into the Covenant's communications systems.

Crimson locates and accesses the first two computers easily, but when Roland tries to insert the worm into the third, the system locks down and Covenant reinforcements arrive. Roland eventually determines the lockdown is controlled by a pair of terminals. Crimson destroys these terminals, allowing Roland to access the system once again. During the battle, Crimson also discovers a cache of stolen UNSC supplies, which they use to deal with the remaining Covenant. After securing the area, Crimson is extracted by Murphy's Phantom. Commander Palmer congratulates Crimson and tells them she's going to review the data they collected.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Three Covenant Phantoms fly in tight formation across Requiem. A fourth Phantom, the one hijacked by Fireteam Crimson, follows closely, attempting to remain inconspicuous.

They receive a transmission in Sangheili language:

  • Sangheili (COM): "--Nnse-kooree-koocha nee-ey-mawoo."
  • UNSC AI Roland: "Covie battlenet thinks Crimson's Phantom still belongs to them. They're ordering it to land at a secure facility."
  • Jared Miller: "Lieutenant Murphy, play along for now."
  • TJ Murphy: "Roger that."

Crimson's Phantom breaks off from the others and lands at the facility.


  • Sarah Palmer: “Crimson, if battlenet considers that location important, I’d like to know why. Have a look around.”

Crimson moves out. Almost immediately, Covenant troops appear and engage them.

  • Roland: “Guys, I think they know Crimson’s not Covenant.”
  • Palmer: “Handle it, Crimson.”

Crimson find some cargo crates with UNSC emblems on them.

  • Roland: “That’s UNSC gear. What’s it doing here?”

Crimson eliminates the majority of the Covenant:

  • Palmer: "I'm still seeing targets down there."
  • Miller: "Sniper!"

Once all hostiles have been eliminated:

  • Miller: “Commander Palmer, there’s a comm relay near Crimson’s position. Could be worth a look.”
  • Palmer: “Light the way, Miller.”

Crimson opens the door leading into the Forerunner structure. They clear out the Covenant inside and find the computer.

  • Miller: “What’ve we got, Roland?”
  • Roland: “Standard Covie encryption, with a hardware lock. Crimson, open it up for me.”

Crimson unlocks the Covenant computer.

  • Roland: “Awesome! I’ll transmit a worm into the Covie system through Crimson’s short range... and we’re in business!”
  • Palmer: “Good find. Pass everything we get to Infinity Command.”
  • Miller: “Right through that door, Crimson.”

Crimson unlocks the door.

  • Miller: “Bad guys inbound! You’ve got this one, Spartans.”

Crimson goes through the open door. A Phantom on the other side approaches their position and deploys additional troops.

  • Miller: “Actually, Commander, looking at Roland’s data, there’s other comm nodes nearby. We can get an ear on them too.”
  • Palmer: “I love it. Make it happen.”
  • Miller: “There’s the second computer. Crimson, release the hardware lock for Roland.”

Crimson fights their way through the Covenant defenders and reaches the second computer.

  • Palmer: “Roland, work your magic.”

Roland remotely hacks the system.

  • Roland: "Presto! Worm installed! Oh look at that! Detailed troop movements."
  • Miller: "Good stuff. Keep rolling, Crimson!"

Crimson moves on.

  • Palmer: "Where’s my last target, Miller?"
  • Miller: "Marking it now."

Crimson fights their way to the third computer:

  • Roland: "Installing the worm..."

The scan suddenly goes red - an indication that something is wrong.

  • Roland: "Uhhh... that’s not good."
  • Palmer: “Explain.”
  • Roland: “The whole system went into lockdown... And they’re sending in reinforcements.”
  • Miller: “Roland, get the worm back up and running! Crimson, prep for incoming!”

Covenant reinforcements emerge from behind a door.

  • Palmer: "Phantom on approach!"

A Covenant Phantom deploys additional enemy reinforcements.

After the Covenant attackers have been defeated:

  • Roland: "The lockdown is controlled by two terminals. Disabling them should let me back in."
  • Palmer: "Should or will?"
  • Roland: "A ninety-percent chance of will."
  • Palmer: “I’ll take it. Crimson, destroy those terminals and take out any Covenant resistance in the way.’’
  • Miller: "Drop pod incoming!"

A Covenant drop pod deploys more enemy forces. Crimson fights their way to the terminals.

After the first terminal is destroyed:

  • Roland: “One down."
  • Miller: "Hit the last terminal!”
  • Murphy: "Crimson, Murphy. I’m trying to keep Covies off you, but one slipped through. Heads up!"
  • Miller: "Thanks, Murphy."

After the second terminal is destroyed:

  • Roland: "Boom! That did it! I’m back in! Commander Palmer, worm's functional on all three channels. Tap is active. Hold and cold running information."
  • Miller: “Crimson, clear an area for Murphy to land.”

More Covenant troops show up.

  • Palmer: “Hunters!”

Crimson finds more stolen UNSC weapons nearby:

  • Roland: “Crimson, don’t forget, you might find something useful in that UNSC gear the Covies lifted.”

If Crimson hadn’t discovered the stolen UNSC equipment at the beginning of the level:

  • Miller: "Is that... that's UNSC gear!"
  • Palmer: “Thieving freaks! Crimson, see if you can find anything useful.”

Banshees appear.

  • Miller: “Banshees! Eyes to the sky, Crimson!”

More Covenant appear.

  • Palmer: "Eyes up! Covenant inbound!"
  • Miller: “Reinforcements!”
  • Miller: "Be advised. Another Banshee is in your airspace."

Crimson defeats most of the Covenant:

  • Miller: "Mop up the last of them."

Once the last of the Covenant are dealt with:

  • Miller: “Murphy, Crimson’s clear for pickup.”
  • Murphy: “On it, Spartan.”
  • Palmer: “Excellent work, Crimson. Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, but it looks like Miller has things well in hand. I’m going to review the data we’re pulling down and I’ll be back in touch with you shortly.”

Murphy’s Phantom appears. Crimson boards it.


Level ends.