Everything Has Gone Wrong

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Nothing Can Go Wrong


The Cauldron Base

Everything Has Gone Wrong
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson


February 14, 2558


"The Refuge", Requiem


Guard the area


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The Refuge facility is the focus of heavy enemy activity. Additional UNSC forces are being deployed to the area.

Everything Has Gone Wrong is the third chapter of Spartan Ops' fifth episode, Memento Mori.[1]


Marine Warbird Company arrives to lock down "the Refuge." Before Fireteam Crimson can leave however, the facility is attacked by the Covenant. Crimson fends off the first wave of attackers as a Zanar-pattern light cruiser settles over the facility, then brings down a shield which the Covenant deployed to trap Warbird Company. They then engage and defeat a Sangheili special ops team known as the Silent Blade. After freeing Doctor Leslie Boyd from the facility's safe room, Crimson is again attacked by another wave of attackers, including several Hunters. Meanwhile, Crimson's handler, Spartan Jared Miller, contacts Fireteam Shadow and orders them to infiltrate and destroy the cruiser. Just as Crimson clears out the facility, Shadow succeeds in its mission and overloads the cruiser's power core, destroying the ship. Spartan Robert Dalton contacts Miller to informs him that Magma Base is under attack and requesting reinforcements. As Crimson is closest, Miller deploys them to "the Cauldron."



The camera pans over a team of Marines in "the Refuge".

  • Marine 1: "Infinity, this is Warbird Company. You can relax. The Marines are here. We got this place on lockdown, so go ahead and bring your Spartans on home."

The camera pans across to a Marine standing at ease, unaware as a ripple of active camouflage sneaks up behind him. The Marine turns at the last second, just as an Elite Zealot uncloaks and slashes him with its energy sword.

  • Marine 2: "Wha-AAAAAAHHH!"

The other Marines turn to face the threat. Two more sword-wielding Zealots decloak behind the first.


Note: All dialogue is spoken through the COM.

  • Dalton: "Miller, heads up! You've got a Covenant cruiser inbound on Crimson's location."
  • Miller: "Son of a - Thanks, Dalton."
  • Miller: "Crimson, looks like the Covies are mad we broke their portal toy. Get ready to repel invaders."
  • Miller: "Dalton, what can you do for backup?"
  • Dalton: "Not a lot with the air support they're bringing to the party."
  • Miller: "Is that a- Oh no. Spartans, be advised, you've got a Covenant cruiser on your position."

Crimson heads off to find Warbird.

  • Private Aasif Olsen: "Multiple contacts!"
  • Private Tucker Corleone: "Twelve o'clock, four o'clock, nine o'clock!"
  • Miller: "Aw, hell. Crimson! Double time it to Warbird's position!"

Crimson reaches the shield separating them from Warbird Company.

  • Miller: "Warbird, Infinity. There's a shield system between Crimson and you."
  • Private Gordon Smith: "That shield's Covenant-deployed, Sir. We can't bring it down. They boxed us in!"
  • Miller: "Fireteam Shadow, this is Spartan Miller in Ops. I'm filling in for Commander Palmer, so apologies to your team's handler, uh, Spartan Carmichael, for going over his head here."
  • Miller: "Got a job for you. Infiltrate a Covenant cruiser and destroy her power core. I'm sending you coordinates now."
  • Shadow Leader: "We can help you out there. Give us a few to get over to those grid squares."

Crimson kills most of the Covenant in the area.

  • Miller: "Still have a few Covies to clear out, Crimson."

Crimson clears the area.

  • Miller: "Roland, got any ideas on those Covenant shields?"
  • Roland: "Yep. It's a simple enough hack to make them vulnerable to small arms fire."

A damage indicator appears on the shield.

  • Roland: "There you go Crimson. Blast away."

Crimson takes down the shield.

  • Private Gordon Smith: "Oh, man, Spartans! Is it ever good to see you!"
  • Roland: "I've got some Covenant comm chatter about the "Silent Blade" operating in this area. A special ops team, apparently."
  • Miller: "Keep your eyes sharp, Crimson. Heavy active camo use by Covenant forces."
  • Shadow Leader: "Spartan Miller. We're inbound on the Covenant cruiser. We're going to kick in the door and surprise them in ten."
  • Miller: "Understood, Shadow. Keep me informed."

Crimson wipes out the Silent Blade.

  • Dr. Boyd: "Hello! Infinity?"
  • Miller: "Doctor Boyd? Where are you?"
  • Dr. Boyd: "Still in the safe room. The door won't open!"
  • Miller: "Jeez... along with everything else... Crimson, see if you can lend Doctor Boyd a hand."

A beacon appears on a panel.

  • Miller: "There's the safe room door."

Crimson opens the door.

  • Dr. Boyd: "Oh, thank you!"
  • Roland: (sarcastically) "Well, that's a lot of dropships."
  • Miller: "Is that what I sound like?"

Crimson fights off the first wave of attackers.

  • Shadow Leader: "Shadow Leader to Spartan Miller. Sorry for the delay, Sir. We're meeting heavy resistance in the cruiser. Seems like they don't want their spaceship blown up."
  • Miller: "Understood, Shadow Leader. Keep me informed."

A pair of large drop pods descend and deploy another wave of Covenant.

  • Miller: "Don't relax yet. You've got more hostiles headed your way."

Crimson kills most of the Covenant.

  • Miller: "Just a few Covenant remaining. Marking them for you."
  • Miller: "Area's not secure yet. Marking your last few targets."

Crimson clears the area.

  • Shadow Leader: "Miller! Shadow Leader! Cruiser power core is hit! Overload in progress! We're evac'ing now. Expect a light show within 30."
  • Miller: "Hot damn, good work. Shadow Leader! Crimson! Hold out just a bit longer! Your troubles are over."

Above the facility, a large explosion rocks the Covenant cruiser.

  • Miller: "Shadow Leader! Was your team clear? Shadow Leader!"
  • Shadow Leader: "We're here, Infinity. And all in one piece."
  • Miller: "Excellent work, Spartans."
  • Roland: "Spartan Miller, distress call from Forward Base Magma. They've been under attack for some time and would appreciate backup."
  • Miller: "Crimson, you're closest to them. Hope you weren't planning on catching your breath. Dalton, I need a quick ride for Crimson to Magma's position."
  • Dalton: "Pelican's on station."


Level ends.