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Leslie Boyd
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Doctor Leslie Boyd is a human scientist of the UNSC Navy in the post-war years.


During the Requiem Campaign, he was assigned to "the Refuge." While he was there he studied Requiem's portal system along with Dr. Ruiz. With the help of Fireteam Crimson, Boyd used equipment at "the Gate" to gather valuable information about Reqieum's portal system, and was able to figure out a way to open a portal to bring Crimson from the Gate to "the Refuge."[1] Shortly after they arrived, "the Refuge" was attacked by Prometheans. When the Promethean assault started he ran to the safe room. Boyd was able to direct Crimson to deactivate equipment which allowed the Prometheans to translocate into the Refuge.[2] When the Covenant attacked "the Refuge" shortly after, Dr. Boyd needed Crimson's help to open the safe room's door.[3]


  • Boyd's reaction to Crimson's efforts at the Refuge varies depending on how many of the scientists the player is able to save. His reaction ranges from stunned thankfulness at saving them all to angry accusations that Crimson "let them die".
  • Its unclear if Boyd himself survived the attack. After the safe room door is opened, he can be killed by the Covenant forces attacking "the Refuge" if the player is not careful and he is not mentioned again.
  • After the safe room door is opened, Boyd defends himself with an M6H magnum pistol, but has known to use a Fuel Rod Gun.

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