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Doctor Ruiz was a human scientist of the UNSC Navy in the post-war years.


During the Requiem Campaign, he was assigned to "the Refuge." While he was there he studied Requiem's portal system along with Dr. Leslie Boyd. When Fireteam Crimson was at "the Gate," Ruiz directed them to a device that would stop the Prometheans from translocating into the area.[1] After Crimson used the portal network, which the scientists had figured out how to control, to travel to "the Refuge," Prometheans attacked the Refuge base. During the attack, he identified the device that allowed the portals to open in the area, but wasn't able to shut it down. Crimson was able to destroy the device and turn off the portals in the area, halting the Promethean attack.[2]


  • Its not actually clear if Dr. Ruiz survived the attack on "the Refuge." Dr. Leslie Boyd states that Ruiz was about to shut down the device allowing the portals to open before he was interrupted by the attack and didn't know how Ruiz intended to deactivate it. Furthermore, Ruiz wasn't able to tell Boyd or Fireteam Crimson himself when they were trying to figure it out and he was not amongst the scientists Crimson had to protect. Additionally, Boyd tells them to speak with Ruiz just before the attack begins and loud screaming can be heard on the comm.

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