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The Didact's Gift


Nothing Can Go Wrong

Spartan Miller
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"The Gate", Requiem


Secure the area.

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Infinity Science requests Spartan aid investigating anomalies in Requiem-wide portal system.

Spartan Miller is the first chapter of Spartan Ops' fifth episode, Memento Mori.[1]


Fireteam Crimson is deployed to the Gate to investigate power fluctuations which forced the scientists stationed there to evacuate. Commander Sarah Palmer is unreachable, so Spartan Jared Miller is in command of the op. After arriving Crimson is engaged by Prometheans. Miller contacts scientist Dr. Boyd who asks Crimson to activate some equipment to take slipspace readings. After doing so, they are immediately attacked by more Prometheans. Crimson struggles to defend the equipment, and after fending off waves of enemies, the Infinity scientists are able to glean enough data to allow them to block incoming hostiles. Dr. Boyd then has Crimson open a portal to bring them to his location at the Refuge.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


The camera pans across the Gate, which is now littered with UNSC equipment but devoid of human life.

  • Miller: "Crimson, it's Miller... the Commander isn't in the Ops Center, and she's not answering her personal comm. "
  • Roland: "No worries, Spartan Miller. Commander Palmer's busy. But I'm here. I could run these ops solo, you know."
  • Miller: "I'm in charge, Roland. You just be my extra set of eyes. Please."


  • Miller: "Crimson, Infinity Science has evac'd their base here due to some power fluctuations that might be related to that, uh, planet-wide slipstream conduit-portal-whatever system you've been exploring. It's kinda nice to see them run away BEFORE half of them are dead, for once. Science asked for you to have a look around, see if the bad guys are popping up or not."

Crimson reaches the top of the structure.

  • Miller: "All clear for them. Where are all the bad guys?"

As if in response, numerous Watchers translocate into the area.

  • Roland: (sarcastically) "Oh no! Prometheans! Ahhh!"
  • Miller: "Roland! Settle down!"
  • Roland: "Hmm. Isn't that how you always say it?"
  • Miller: "Tell you what, I've got this right now. You go see if Captain Lasky needs your help."
  • Roland: "I can do a million things at once, like can talk to Captain Lasky, I can flirt with Captain-"
  • Miller: "Shhh!"

Crimson kills most the Promethans.

  • Miller: "Take care of those last few Prometheans, Crimson."

Crimson clears the area.

  • Miller: "Spartan Miller to Infinity Science. Who's your slipspace conduit big brain?"
  • Dr. Boyd: "That's me, Spartan. Doctor Boyd. We're at the jungle facility-"
  • Miller: "Crimson's on station, researching your power fluctuations. What can we do for you?"
  • Dr. Boyd: "Ah! Great! We've got some gear that we need readings from, but it's all offline and we can't bring it up remotely."
  • Miller: "Doctor Boyd, send us the coordinates for your gear and I'll have Crimson power it up."

Two waypoints appear at the base of the structure.

  • Dr. Boyd: "There you are."

The player activates one research station.

  • Miller: "That's one. Let's get the rest of it."

The player activates the other one. Prometheans appear and attack Crimson.

  • Miller: "Dr. Boyd, the equipment you requested is active."
  • Dr. Boyd: "So I see! Thank you so much... Oh, that's interesting. These aren't power fluctuations at all. Th-These are slipspace signatures. Something's traveling through the planet's conduits. Right towards your team as a matter of fact!"
  • Roland: "Doctor Boyd was right! Enemies appearing at Crimson's position!"
  • Miller: "Yeah, I see that, Roland. Handle them, Crimson!"
  • Roland: "They seem interested in Doctor Boyd's equipment."
  • Miller: "Probably don't like us poking around in their slipspace network."
  • Dr. Boyd: "We need that gear to remain intact! It's currently processing a large amount of data that MAY allow the UNSC to use the slipspace network."
  • Miller: "Commander Palmer's right. This is never easy."
  • Miller: "OK, Crimson! Keep the science toys in one piece!"

If at any point one of the stations is lost:

  • Dr. Boyd: "That's one."

  • Dr. Boyd: "OK, hang on a moment... Just got a bit of signal noise I need to clear up..."
  • Miller: "Please. Hurry up, Doctor."
  • Dr. Boyd: "There. The equipment is functioning properly again. Should just take a few minutes."
  • Miller: "Doctor Boyd, give me an update. Are you almost done?"
  • Dr. Boyd: "Good science is thorough, not fast."
  • Miller: "I suggest finding a way to be both today, Doctor!"
  • Miller: "Crimson! Watch out!"
  • Dr. Boyd: "Well, that doesn't make any sense at all..."
  • Miller: "I don't like the sound of that."
  • Dr. Boyd: "The results the gear is showing are either wildly inaccurate or we've just discovered a new field of slipspace math."
  • Miller: "Which one is it, Doctor Boyd."
  • Dr. Boyd: "Keep the gear online a little longer and I'll be able to tell you."
  • Dr. Boyd: "Well, there goes my Nobel..."
  • Miller: "Doctor Boyd?"
  • Dr. Boyd: "It wasn't a grand discovery. One of the gravitational readouts was dialed by point five percent too much gravitational pressure."
  • Miller: "Doctor, I'm sorry but I've had about enough of this."
  • Dr. Boyd: "One moment. Doctor Ruiz is calling. I'll get back to you."
  • Dr. Boyd: "Spartans? My associate Doctor Ruiz suggests you could stop the slipspace ruptures to your area by activating a device at this location."
  • Miller: "I'll take any chance we've got, Doc. Thanks. Crimson, painting a waypoint for you now."

A waypoint appears on a console inside the structure. The player activates the console.

  • Miller: "Did that work?"
  • Roland: "It appears to, yes."
  • Miller: "Nice! I got Crimson through this thing alive. That's a good-"
  • Roland: "Slipspace rupture detected."
  • Miller: "What?"
  • Dr. Boyd: "Hello? Spartans? Doctor Boyd here. The systems you protected have paid off. We've figured out how to activate portals for you."
  • Miller: "Crimson, go have a look."

A waypoint appears at the top of the structure. Crimson reaches it and a slipspace portal appears.

  • Miller: "Confirmed, Doctor Boyd. There is an open portal at Crimson's location."
  • Dr. Boyd: "Come on through!"
  • Miller: "What?"
  • Roland: "Oh, jump in. What's the worst that can happen?"

The player enters the portal. Fade to white.


Level ends.


Successfully defending at least one of the research stations on Heroic or harder will unlock the achievement No Easy Way Out.