The Guns of Infinity

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The Guns of Infinity
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Onboard UNSC Infinity, over Requiem


  • Secure the engine room
  • Reactivate the ship's weapons

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Covenant forces en route to retake Infinity engine room. Spartans are to defend against further incursion.

The Guns of Infinity is the fourth chapter of Spartan Ops' seventh episode, Invasion.[1]


Multiple waves of Covenant invade the Engine Room. Spartan Jared Miller orders Crimson to seal five emergency bulkhead doors. Crimson fights off the invading Covenant and closes all five bulkheads, securing the Engine Room for good. Roland then informs them that UNSC Infinity's aft weapons have gone offline due to the cooling systems being shut down. Miller orders Crimson to aft weapons control.

Crimson fights their way to Aft Weapons Control where they find the Covenant have set up several hardware override devices which are interfering with the weapons' cooling systems. The Spartans destroy the override devices, but the guns still won't fire. While Roland tries to determine the problem, Crimson is forced to fight Prometheans and Hunters. After Aft Weapons Control is secured, Roland shows Crimson how they can reactivate the ship's guns. Crimson bring the guns back online. A nearby Zanar-pattern light cruiser is destroyed by the reactivated weapons systems. Miller informs Crimson that they can now start cleaning out the remaining Covenant onboard.


All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


  • Roland: “Spartan Miller! Bad guys are headed for the Engine Room!”

Covenant troops pour into the Engine Room. Crimson engages them.

  • Miller: “Crimson, I’m marking emergency bulkhead door releases. If you can reach these, you can seal off the Engine Room so tight, the Covies will never be able to get in.”

First bulkhead is sealed:

  • Miller: “That’s one door secure. Move on to the next.”

Second bulkhead is sealed:

  • Miller: “You’re on a roll, Crimson. Keep it up!”

Third bulkhead is sealed:

  • Miller: “Excellent work! Engine Room's nearly locked down.”

Fourth bulkhead is sealed:

  • Miller: “One more to go! Great work!”

Fifth bulkhead is sealed:

  • Miller: “That’s it! Last one!”
  • Miller: “Still a few Covenant in your area, Crimson. Marking them for you now.”

Crimson secures the engine room.

  • Roland: “Spartan Miller! Infinity’s aft defenses just went offline!”
  • Miller: “What?! How?!”
  • Roland: “Weapon cooling systems are deactivated. They overheated and safety protocols kicked in. We’re defenseless.”
  • Miller: “Crimson! Aft Weapons Control is just off the Engine Room. I’m sending you to help.”

Crimson exits the Engine Room and heads toward Aft Weapons Control. Along the way, they assist marines battling the Covenant.

  • Infinity PA: Warning: Aft defensive controls offline. Aft defensive controls offline.

Crimson enters Aft Weapons Control. The Covenant troops inside are guarding three unknown devices.

A Covenant Zanar-pattern light cruiser can be seen outside the windows.

  • Miller: “Roland, what are those?”
  • Roland: “Hardware overrides. They’re causing the cooling system to malfunction.”
  • Miller: “Clear ‘em, Crimson!”
  • Infinity PA: Fore Armory Twelve Seven has been secured. Fireteams are being redirected to additional action stations.

The first hardware override is destroyed:

  • Miller: “One down! Two to go!”

Second override is destroyed:

  • Miller: “That’s two!”
  • Roland: “One to go!”

Third override is destroyed:

  • Roland: “That’s all three overrides.”
  • Miller: “The guns still aren’t firing.”
  • Roland: “So I noticed. Trying to find out why, but you humans are awful at writing technical manuals. Just a second...”

More Covenant enter Aft Weapons Control.

  • Miller: “Hostiles inbound, Crimson!”


  • Miller: "More bad guys!"

Hunters and Prometheans enter Aft Weapons Control.

  • Roland: “Spartans! Hunters have entered the area!”
  • Miller: “You can take ‘em, Crimson!”
  • Infinity PA: Transflight crews are advised that fissile materials have been addressed in the area. All hands may now return to transflight decks.

Crimson kills the Hunters and any other remaining enemies.

  • Roland: “Got it! Marking the controls for Crimson now.”
  • Miller: “And these will bring the guns back online?”
  • Roland: (annoyed) “YES! Why would I tell Crimson to press buttons that don’t do anything?!”

Crimson reactivates Aft Weapons Control.

  • Roland: “See? Worked perfectly. Guns are back online. Enjoy the fireworks, Crimson.”
  • Miller: “Nice!”

Outside, the Covenant cruiser explodes.

  • Miller: “You’re really knocking some heads together out there, Crimson. Let’s take down the rest of these freaks, and call it a day.”


Level ends


  • Fireteam Crimson reactivating the UNSC Infinity's defenses and allowing it to destroy a Zanar-pattern light cruiser is similar to the final stretch of the Halo 4 level Infinity. In that occasion, the player, as John-117, deactivated Covenant jamming devices around Infinity's hull to enable the ship to fight off the Ur-Didact's Cryptum, in the process destroying at least two light cruisers. Additionally, once the devices blocking the defense systems were deactivated in both cases, the player had to reactivate the weapons system manually.