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Warbird Company

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Warbird Company
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UNSC Marine Corps




Defended "The Refuge".

"Infinity this is Warbird Company, you can relax the Marines are here. We got this place on lockdown so go ahead and bring your Spartans on home..."
— A member of Warbird Company

Warbird Company is a UNSC Marine Corps company that was stationed on Requiem.


Sometime during the Requiem Campaign several Marines from Warbird were sent to the location known as "The Refuge" to reinforce and hold the area. Shortly after their arrival, however, a Covenant Special Operation unit known as "Silent Blade" entered the area and killed at least one of the Marines. The rest of the Marines were trapped behind an energy shield and cut off from rescue. They managed to hold out long enough for Fireteam Crimson to arrive and defeat the attack. [1]

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