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Sarah Palmer: "Dalton, Crimson can use some new toys."
Dalton: "I can arrange that, Commander"
— Palmer requesting an ordnance drop[1]

Robert Dalton is a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier. During the Requiem Campaign in February 2558, he served with the Spartan contingent aboard the UNSC Infinity. He occasionally liaised with Fireteam Crimson, acting in conjunction with their regular mission handler, Jared Miller. He is responsible for directing fire support and supply drops during ground missions. He reports directly to Commander Sarah Palmer, the Spartans' commanding officer.[2]


Requiem Campaign[edit]

First missions[edit]

In February 2558, Robert Dalton was aboard the UNSC Infinity when it returned to Requiem to establish research facilities on the Forerunner construct, and eliminate any opposition from the occupying Promethean and Covenant forces. During Fireteam Crimson's first mission on Requiem at the Quarry, Dalton provided the Spartans with recon support and evacuated them with a D79-TC Pelican.[3] Dalton then provided the fireteam with three ordnance pods and controlled the bombing runs on Covenant forces from Infinity.[4] During an operation at Requiem's Fortress, Dalton had Crimson clear out Promethean forces with supplies he provided in order to clear a landing zone.[5] Dalton later worked with Fireteam Castle to eliminate Covenant air defenses to allow Crimson to evacuate the area.[6] At some point, Dalton was contacted by Doctor Morgan Rivera. At her request, Dalton patched her through to Commander Sarah Palmer.[7] Shortly after, Palmer ordered Dalton to redirect all Infinity air-traffic away from Covenant anti-air weapons. Dalton assisted Crimson with disabling the AA guns by providing the Spartans with ammunition.[8]

Later in the campaign, Dalton assisted Palmer, Jared Miller, and Fireteam Crimson during the hunt for Sangheili terrorist Parg Vol—an associate of Jul 'Mdama. While monitoring drone footage, Dalton discovered that Vol had accumulated a considerable number of stolen UNSC assets. Dalton requested Palmer to have Crimson recover the assets. After Crimson succeeded, Dalton supplied them with weapons, vehicles, and eventually extracted the fireteam.[1] When Galileo Base became under siege from Covenant forces, Dalton attempted to activate the facility's defense system remotely, but the Covenant had jammed the wireless up-link from Infinity. Instead, Crimson had to activate the defenses manually.[9] Later, at Two Giants, an considerable amount of Covenant forces made their way for Crimson as Dalton prepared an "emergency dispatch" on Infinity. Later, a Covenant Zanar-pattern light cruiser made its way over Crimson's location. Palmer had Dalton send a Pelican to evacuate Crimson, despite Dalton warning of the dropship's possible destruction.[10] Dalton later aided in Crimson's evacuation after the team eliminated Parg Vol. After Dalton supplied Crimson with weapons, Palmer ordered him to arrange an airstrike to help the Spartans. As multiple Phantoms made their way to Crimson, Dalton had a strike group of several F-41 Broadswords destroy the dropships and later he sent a Pelican to finally pick up Crimson.[11]

While Crimson was on another operation, Dalton began to realize that he was suddenly unable to track Covenant aircraft like usual. He discovered a nearby Covenant jammer and sent Crimson to destroy it.[12] Later, Dalton gave Crimson control of a suppressive fire drone.[13] After Crimson brought the "Didact's Gift" to Galileo Base, Dalton detected an incoming Phantom approaching the facility. Dalton later sent Fireteam Majestic to aid Crimson.[14] Sometime later, Dalton warned Crimson of an incoming Zanar-pattern light cruiser and later provided extraction for the fireteam.[15] During another of Crimson's operations, he provided weapons and an evacuation. However, Crimson was ultimately captured by the Covenant.[16] After Roland discovered Crimson's location, Dalton caused an explosion to distract the Sangheili guards while Miller freed the Spartans. Although Dalton called in a Pelican to evacuate Crimson, the fireteam was too deep behind enemy lines. Because of this, Miller had them hijack a Phantom instead.[17] While Crimson was on their way to answer Fireteam Switchback's distress call, Commander Palmer and Miller debated whether a nearby Za'zayara-pattern Harvester was active or not. To ensure it would not pose a threat, Palmer had Crimson destroy the interior controls.[18]

Later operations[edit]

When Promethean forces boarded Infinity, Crimson lost communications with Dalton.[19] On one of Crimson's later missions, Dalton warned the Spartans of incoming Covenant drop pods and a Wraith, and eventually provided them with extraction.[20] When it was discovered that the Covenant was using a captured Army Pelican to listen to UNSC communications, Crimson cleared the surrounding Covenant forces and Dalton ordered an orbital strike to destroy the Pelican.[21] After Crimson completed the objective on a later operation, a massive amount of Promethean forces arrived. Dalton had the fireteam evacuated before he ordered in an airstrike to wipe out all Prometheans in the area.[22] While Crimson was investigating one of Doctor Catherine Halsey's captured transmissions, Dalton had two Pelicans each drop off an M808 Scorpion tank for the Spartans. He later had the Pelicans offer air support for the Spartans and resupplied them with Scorpions. Further in the operation, he had Crimson clear an area surrounded by Covenant forces so he could drop off new Scorpions.[23] One of the pilots operating under Dalton later discovered a weak signal of half a dozen Marine IFF tags. Dalton had Crimson investigate the signal. However, the IFF signal turned out to be a trap and Crimson was attacked by Covenant forces. Before Dalton could evacuate Crimson, he discovered a large amount of Covenant air forces making their way to Crimson's location.[24]

When Jul 'Mdama sent Requiem towards the heart of its sun, Crimson and Majestic worked to free Infinity from the planet to allow the ship to escape the system. While on their mission, Crimson attempted to use a Harvester to uncover a Forerunner artifact. However, energy barriers were blocking it. Miller had Dalton call in air support to destroy the energy barriers after Crimson destroyed nearby AA guns. He later evacuated the fireteam from the area.[25] At Miller's request, Dalton orbitally bombarded a Covenant outpost for Crimson on another mission.[26] As Crimson continued through the Apex, Dalton warned them to look for Spartan survivors in the area. Although he was able to provide them intel on Covenant aircraft, he was unable to evacuate the Spartans.[27] On Crimson's final operation on Requiem, Dalton informed the fireteam that they were the last humans on the planet. Eventually, Crimson and Majestic both completed their objectives and freed the Infinity. Dalton had both fireteams evacuated and returned to Infinity and the ship was able to exit the system before Requiem caused its sun to supernova.[28]

Production note[edit]

Robert Dalton is voiced by Cas Anvar, who is best known for his role as Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad in Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

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