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The Quarry is a location on the Forerunner Shield World of Requiem, the site of many confrontations between the United Nations Space Command and Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction.


The area codenamed the Quarry on Requiem

After entering Requiem in 2557, the Covenant took over this location and blocked the end of the canyon with a shield supported by three generators. The UNSC Infinity deployed a Mammoth staffed with Commander Lasky, John-117, UNSC Marines and Spartan-IVs to disable a gravity well and destroy the particle cannons protecting it. The Mammoth reached the Quarry and John-117 took down the generators and killed Covenant forces. Moving through the canyon, John-117 used a Target Designator to enable the Mammoth to destroy another cannon. However, Covenant forces led by a Lich supplanted by Phantoms attacked the Mammoth. John-117 and the Spartan-IVs fought off the Covenant, with the Spartan-II destroying the Lich. However, John-117 had to progress through the rest of the region without the Mammoth's support.[1]

Covenant forces reclaimed the Quarry, and several months later, in 2558, Fireteam Crimson was deployed to the location to defeat groups of Covenant foes and disable more Covenant power cores. Crimson cleared the area of Covenant engaging Wraiths and Ghosts, and destroyed the power cores. The Pelican sent by Robert Dalton then picked up Crimson.[2] Covenant led by Parg Vol re-took the position. Crimson was again deployed to neutralize Vol and defeat the Covenant. While the Spartans were successful in beating back squads of Covenant, Vol still managed to escape. Crimson then discovered a stock of UNSC assets stolen by the Covenant, including several Scorpion tanks and used it against Covenant reinforcements to complete the mission.[3] Later, Roland and Miller tracked Gabriel Thorne's energy signature to this area after he was captured by Sangheili Storm. The area was once again full of Covenant forces, and Crimson was sent in to look for Thorne. Though the Quarry was cleared of hostiles, Thorne was nowhere to be found. The evacuation of Crimson failed as the Pelican piloted by Ryan Frank was suddenly destroyed. A Covenant armada including several Phantoms, Banshees and a CRS-class light cruiser then converged on Crimson's position.[4] The team was captured and then taken to the Covenant-occupied Forerunner structure known as Lockup.[5]


In Spartan Ops, the Quarry's ends are blocked off as opposed to the open sides seen in the Campaign level Reclaimer. This is most likely for gameplay purposes.


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