Epoloch system

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Artwork of Requiem.
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The Epoloch system is a planetary system within the Forerunner ecumene. It was the location of the shield world known as Requiem, the home of the Promethean Warrior-Servants, which was the second astronomical body in the system.[1]


At the end of the Requiem Campaign in February 2558, Covenant leader Jul 'Mdama sent Requiem on a collision course with the star in an attempt to destroy the UNSC Infinity and her crew. Though Infinity escaped and returned to Earth, the shield world was consumed by Epoloch's immense heat and gravity. As part of Requiem's native Flood containment measure and total failure of local plasma shell containment systems,[2] Epoloch violently imploded on itself moments later in a supernova-level event.[3]


Epoloch is shown to be blue-white in the Halo 3 Legendary ending as well as in the Halo 4 main menu and the campaign level Dawn; however, when Requiem is plunged into the star in Spartan Ops, it is depicted as being yellow. Epoloch is also yellow-orange in the first issue of Halo: Escalation, in which the star is also shown as being disproportionately small.


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