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Fireteam Castle
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Destroyed in February, 2558


United Nations Space Command




Requiem Campaign


Ernst Deming


Fireteam Castle was a team of SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers of the Spartan branch. Consisting of six members, the team was assigned to the UNSC Infinity in February 2558 and participated in a UNSC operation in the Forerunner shield world Requiem.[1]


On February 7th 2558, Castle was deployed in a joint UNSC military operation on Requiem in Operation: LAND GRAB: alongside Fireteams Crimson, Majestic, Domino, and Ivy to neutralize Covenant forces in the area.[2] Three days later, Castle assisted Crimson in securing a Forerunner artifact from a Covenant archaeological site by taking out anti-air defenses, allowing Crimson to extract the device.[3] On February 11th, Castle partook in Operation: THREE-CARD MONTE: with support by Tower, Domino and Majestic Teams, they were tasked with a search-and-destroy mission against Covenant outposts at locations REQ-822-A, REQ-822-B, REQ-822-C, and REQ-822-D.[4] Later, Castle was delivering supplies to Copernicus Base when their Pelican was shot down by Covenant forces under the direct command of Jul 'Mdama. All six members of Fireteam Castle were killed in the attack.[5]



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