Copernicus Base

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Copernicus Base
Facility information




Research facility

Historical information


February 2558


March 2558

In use:

2558: Requiem Campaign

Controlled by:

Office of Naval Intelligence


Copernicus Base was a research facility used by the UNSC Infinity science department located on Requiem.


Upon its establishment in February 2558, Copernicus was attempting to find the Librarian-AI that John-117 had encountered six months earlier. The base was eventually overtaken by the Covenant forces on Requiem, led by Jul 'Mdama, who also wanted to find the Librarian themselves. The attack apparently came unnoticed to Infinity command at the time, resulting in all of Fireteam Castle to be killed when on a supply run to the base.[1]


Like Galileo, Copernicus Base is named after a famous, historical scientist named Nicolaus Copernicus, a Renaissance mathematician and astronomer who believed that the sun, not the Earth as people believed at the time, was the center of universe.

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