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Fireteam Jackknife


Disbanded as of March, 2558


United Nations Space Command




4 operators


Battle of Ealen IV


Fireteam Jackknife was a team of SPARTAN-IV supersoldiers of the Spartan Operations branch.[1]


On March 5, 2558, Fireteam Jackknife and Fireteam Bailey were assigned to escort and provide security for Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood and Arbiter Thel 'Vadam on a diplomatic mission to Ealen IV. While Hood and 'Vadam were negotiating with the Jiralhanae Chieftain Lydus, they came under attack by Covenant mercenaries led by Vata 'Gajat. Commander Palmer ordered Jackknife to clear the chamber and help the delegates evacuate. When their evacuation ship was destroyed, they proceeded to escort the delegates to a nearby parts depot.[2]

As the party attempted to escape the storage depot, Spartan Naiya Ray stayed with Captain Thomas Lasky to reestablish communications with the UNSC Infinity while Scruggs and the rest of Jackknife were tasked with the safety of Lydus and his Jiralhanae bodyguards. Soon after their escape, they were intercepted by a Covenant Lich. After a short skirmish with the Covenant leading to the destruction of the Lich, Jackknife and the Sangheili guards and the Jiralhanae guards left the delegates to ensure that the redoubt was safe to use as shelter. As the party arrived at the redoubt, Scruggs killed his team and the bodyguards.[3] Scruggs was secretly a turncoat serving Captain Daniel Clayton, a member of the New Colonial Alliance who was directing the Covenant mercenaries. Scruggs notified Captain Clayton of Jackknife's elimination.

Scruggs later ambushed the delegates and held Admiral Hood hostage, using him as a shield. Palmer was surprised, urging him that as a Spartan he was above such behavior. Scruggs accepted that he was a Spartan but insisted that he was fighting for something else. Palmer then fought Scruggs, resulting in his death when Palmer stabbed him in the throat. Meanwhile, Ray managed to destroy the jammer's reactor and inform Infinity about the attack. By the time the battle ended, Ray was left as the only survivor of Fireteam Jackknife[4] and, by May 2558, Ray was transferred to Fireteam Majestic.[5]

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