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This article contains information about the Silver Timeline, and is not a part of the established Halo canon.
Silver Team
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Silver Team
Silver Team on Madrigal.


United Nations Space Command




Four operators


"Silver Team on me!"
— John-117 to Silver Team prior to a HALO drop.[2]

Silver Team is a Spartan-II unit under the Asymmetric Warfare Research Group in the United Nations Space Command.[3] Silver Team operated from WHITE TOWER on Reach, where the team resupplied and conducted briefing for missions further out from Reach.[1]


Silver Team
Latest roster.
Last known composition
  • MCPO John-117 (Team Leader/Assault/Rifleman)
  • LTJG Vannak-134 (Sub-leader/Assault)
  • LTJG Riz-028 (Communications specialist)
  • PO1 Kai-125 (Marksman/Intelligence specialist)

Production notes[edit]

  • Silver Team and the Silver Timeline were named after the in-development codename for the The Television Series - "Silver" - itself being a reference to the silver screen.[1]
  • The designations, backgrounds, and names for the Spartans in Silver Team were pulled from 343 Industries' internal documentation for the Spartan-II program, though their counterparts in the core canon have yet to be revealed.[1]


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