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SPARTAN-II program
Silver Team
Silver Team on Madrigal.




Special operations


Human-Covenant War


Dr. Catherine Halsey[1]


The SPARTAN-II program was a supersoldier program for the United Nations Space Command.


Against the wishes of Vice Admiral Margaret Parangosky, Halsey sought to create Cortana to help out the SPARTAN-IIs. This wouldn't come to be until 2552.[2]

In 2530, Soren-066 would escape from the Spartan program and the UNSC.[3]

Spartan-IIs were deployed to at least 23 planets prior to 2552, including Mamore.[2] The Spartans also took part in an assassination mission at an Insurrectionist conference where John-117 killed Kwan Ha's mother and several other high-ranking Insurrectionists.[4]

In 2552, Silver Team was sent to the Outer Colony Madrigal where the Covenant were attacking an Insurrectionist outpost. Despite the Spartans aiding the Insurrectionists against the Sangheili, all but Kwan Ha were killed. In a nearby cave system, John retrieved a Forerunner artifact that activated at his touch, something that was witnessed by a surviving Sangheili and reported to the Prophet of Mercy. The artifact unlocked several of John's sealed childhood memories, worrying Halsey and Parangosky. After being ordered to assassinate Kwan, John rebelled and fled with her and the artifact with Silver Team moving to defend their leader on Halsey's orders.[4]


Silver Team
Some of Silver Team in front of Brokkr Armor Mechanisms.


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Augmentation scars on John-117's back.


At some point, the Spartans' memories of their past from before entering the program were sealed away by Dr. Catherine Halsey. Emotional regulators were also installed in the SPARTAN-IIs lower spine.[2]


SPARTAN-II soldiers are organized into various teams. Silver Team, at the very least, was attached to the Asymmetric Warfare Research Group of FLEETCOM.[5][3][6]



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