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Team Omega
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2531 - Active by 2558


United Nations Space Command




Quick reaction force[1]


3-6 operators


"This is too easy."
— Omega's leader on repelling the Covenant from Pirth City.[2]

Team Omega is a fast reaction unit of Spartan-II supersoldiers. During the Human-Covenant War, they were deployed to defend human colonies under attack by the Covenant, their roles including the reinforcement of local defenses to buy time for UNSC forces to respond, emergency evacuation, and various asset denial operations.[1]

Known members[edit]

Three members of Omega Team in 2559.

During the Battle of Arcadia in February 2531, Omega contained six members, four male (one of whom led the team) and two female. During their deployment to Pirth City the team's male members were armed with anti-tank weapons: two wielded M6 Spartan Lasers and the other two used four-tubed rocket launchers of an unknown model. Both female members carried AIE-486H machine guns.[2] Along with Red Team they field-tested the earliest known iteration of energy shielding technology with their MJOLNIR powered armor.[3]

A later incarnation of the team, whose survival was discerned by the crew of the Spirit of Fire in 2559 from UNSC records on the Ark, consisted of three members; Leon-011, Robert-025, and August-099, armed with an energy sword, a portable plasma cannon, and an ARC-920 railgun, respectively.[1]

Team composition (October 2558)


A member of Team Omega firing an MA5B assault rifle during the Battle for Arcadia.

When the planet Arcadia fell under attack by the Covenant on February 9, 2531, Team Omega was deployed to an unknown location on the planet; the three members of Red Team (Jerome, Alice, and Douglas) were meanwhile tasked with defending the capital, Pirth City.[4] Team Omega was eventually redirected to the outskirts of Pirth City to reinforce Red Team and the Marines from the UNSC Spirit of Fire. Following a twenty-minute delay Team Omega reinforced their beleaguered comrades and swiftly drove the Covenant from the capital.[2]

At some point following the New Phoenix Incident in July 2557, the Forerunner legal entity known as Catalog took note of Red and Omega Teams. Catalog stated that personally identifying information about the Spartans in question could not be revealed pending the investigation of Red Team's actions in the Battle of the Etran Harborage.[5] However, during the Second Ark Conflict, UNSC records recovered from the Henry Lamb research outpost showed that Team Omega had survived the Human-Covenant War.[1]


Halo Wars[edit]

Spartan units from Team Omega appear only in the fifth Halo Wars campaign level of Arcadia Outskirts. They are essentially clones in gameplay terms: all six members share voice files with and carry the same weapons as the named members of Red Team. The player must fend off Covenant attacks for 20 minutes until the arrival of Team Omega, which then triggers the final objective of destroying the Covenant citadel.

Halo Wars 2[edit]

Three members of Team Omega, including Leon-011, Robert-025, and August-099, are available as special units when playing as leader Commander Jerome-092 from the downloadable content "Icons of War" Pack. In addition to being armed with different weapons, each Spartan unit is equipped with energy shielding and capable of boarding enemy vehicles. They can only be accessed through Commander Jerome's Leader Power Omega Team Drop, and cannot be dropped again until all Team Omega members are killed. Omega Team can only be accessed once Tier 5 Leader Power is unlocked and it takes 1 Leader Point to assign them.

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Production notes[edit]

Spartan Group Omega in the Halo Wars announcement trailer.
"If they want war, we'll give 'em war!"
— Spartan Group Omega's leader.[6]
  • Five Spartans identified as "Spartan Group Omega" appear at the end of the announcement trailer for Halo Wars. They wear an early design design of the Mjolnir Mark IV that was abandoned later in the game's development. This design had much bulkier armor plating and a helmet reminiscent of the Mark VI, whereas the final version's helmet closely resembles that of the Mark V.
  • Team Omega's designation is something of an anomaly. All of the major Spartan-II teams follow a color-themed naming convention, with Blue, Red, Green, Black and Gray teams known. During the Fall of Reach, Red Team split into various sub-units with designations based on the Greek alphabet, suggesting Omega may have been a splinter of Red or some other major team; however, their official description suggests they are a more permanent formation.[1]
  • In "Repairs", the twelfth campaign level of Halo Wars, the members of Red Team are mislabeled as "TEAM OMEGA" as opposed to the Spartans' unique tags.


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