Henry Lamb Research Outpost

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Henry Lamb Research Outpost
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Facility information


South spire, Installation 00[1]




Historical information




April 2559


The Henry Lamb Research Outpost, or Henry Lamb Research Facility,[3][Note 1] was a United Nations Space Command research base built on the surface of Forerunner Installation 00.[4]


The Ark research outpost was one of the few UNSC research bases built on the Ark after Operation: FAR STORM in 2555. The team arrived at the Ark in 2557 in the ship Eden Rising, travelling through the Portal at Voi on Earth. [2] Its purpose was to study the Ark and its Sentinels. The UNSC AI Isabel was installed there in order to manage logistics such as food supplies, life systems and power management[4], while the Ark Security Detachment was responsible for the base's defense.[5] The outpost was named after Henry Lamb, a researcher who was killed during Operation: FAR STORM.[3]

By 2558, the Ark research base had begun to observe the construction of a new Halo ring - Installation 09 - within the Foundry at the heart of the megastructure. This information was relayed to UNSC in a status update prior to October of that year.[6]


On November 25, 2558, the outpost was attacked by the Banished, a mercenary organization led by the Jiralhanae warlord, Atriox. All base personnel were killed. However, Isabel managed to remain hidden from the Banished. She issued a distress beacon, which was later intercepted by the UNSC Spirit of Fire, which had arrived over the Ark through unknown means after 28 years of drifting through space. Spartan-II Red Team, consisting of Jerome-092, Alice-130 and Douglas-042, was deployed to the Ark to investigate the beacon, where they came across Isabel. However, they were soon ambushed by Atriox and his troops. With Douglas-042 wounded, the Spartans extracted Isabel and evacuated back to the ship, covering their exfiltration with an orbital bombardment. The outpost was subsequently destroyed by Archer missiles launched from the Spirit of Fire.[3]



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  1. ^ While Jerome-092 identifies the research facility as the "Henry Lamb Research Outpost" in-game, the sign in front of the outpost actually reads "Henry Lamb Research Facility".