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Henry Lamb
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c. 2526[1]


March 20, 2555





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Office of Naval Intelligence


Henry Lamb was a human researcher who specialized in the recovery and reverse-engineering of Forerunner technology. In 2555, he was contracted by the UNSC Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence to be a member of their Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group task force on Installation 07. He worked closely with Doctor Luther Mann.[1] During a mission to Installation 00 to stop the activation of the Halo Array, Lamb was killed by a damaged Sentinel controlled by 000 Tragic Solitude.[2] After the Elites found a way back to the surface, Usze 'Taham went back and retrieved Henry's body to bring it back to the Mayhem.[3] The Henry Lamb research outpost on the Ark was later named after him.[4]

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The Sentinel that attacked Lamb may have been a Protector Sentinel given its similar appearance to, and smaller size than, an Aggressor Sentinel.

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