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Optican First Aid Station.png
Optican health packs in a first aid station.

Organizational information


Adam Andrews[1]


Major product(s):

  • Healthcare products[2]

"Need immediate medical assistance? Choose Optican! Fast, accurate diagnosis, or your money back."

Optican is a human company that produces health supplies.[2]



Optican produces a wide variety of medical equipment, including test instruments such as eye charts.[3] Optican also produces wheelchairs, which are used at medical centers and hospitals such as the New Alexandria Hospital.[4]


MediGel is a topical healing agent produced by Optican. It is advanced enough to heal various kinds of wounds, from blunt trauma to plasma burns.[2][5] Every pack of MediGel has a five-step instruction sheet on how to apply the gel:

  1. Clean area around the wound before applying gel.
  2. Dispense gel by pressing button below.
  3. Rub gel into wounded area for 30 seconds.
  4. Gel will heal most wounds within 5 minutes of application.
  5. If wound is not healed within specified time seek medical help.

MediGel is similar to UNSC biofoam. They both have healing properties and are used in cases where medics are not available. However, unlike Biofoam, MediGel does not pack or put pressure on the wound. Biofoam is injected or sprayed into wounds, whilst Medigel is rubbed onto a wound, bruise, or burn.[5]

Health packs[edit]

Optican health packs are portable MediGel containers, and can be used to replenish the health of the user in an emergency situation.[5]

First aid stations[edit]

First aid stations are fixed terminals with two sockets for health packs. There were many of these stations in the city of New Mombasa during 2552. They promise to give an accurate diagnosis, or refund the customer. UNSC military personnel were able to access the first aid stations without paying any sort of fee. This could be because the Superintendent, New Mombasa's custodial AI, had unlocked all the stations so the soldiers could access them, or perhaps because the stations were designed to automatically dispense for free in case of a state of emergency.[5]


As of 2552, Statenizol is a recently developed, mood-settling drug produced by Optican.[6]

MJOLNIR attachments[edit]

Optican produces some attachments for the GEN3 MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.


The company had facilities in the following cities and locations:

Planet Location Facility Name/Facility Role
Sedra Sedra City
Earth New Mombasa



Soon after the Human-Covenant War ended, Optican entered into a partnership with Misriah Armory to help create the EV-44 Nightingale.[1]

In 2556, Optican was under "Active Investigation" by ONI after the Sedra terrorist attack.[7]

Four years later in 2560, a deal was struck between CEO Adam Andrews and Kig-Yar merchant Nor Fel on the glassed world of Arcadia. Optican would receive several cases of Rumbledrugs while the merchant would receive the focus cannon of a downed R'awuw-pattern Scarab.[1]


  • According to the traits given to describe Optican MediGel, it appears as though it serves as an advanced version of the modern-day Bactine. An experimental gel developed in 2013 also bears many similarities to MediGel, as it can halt bleeding almost instantly and promotes the healing of burns and open wounds.
  • According to an ad of theirs, Optican had more outlets in Africa on Earth than any other healthcare provider. This is likely a joke referring to the oddly large number of Optican first aid stations scattered throughout New Mombasa in Halo 3: ODST.
  • The following note was sent to the UNSC personnel stationed in Mombasa during the Battle of Mombasa: ATTENTION ALL UNSC PERSONNEL: Due to the ongoing evacuation efforts all health care personnel have been relocated to the Mombasa Quays area until which time they can be disembarked on outbound sea craft. In the unlikely event that you become separated from your unit or cannot contact a medic look for one of the many Optican™ MediGel™ First Aid stations around the city.
  • The product Statenizol appears to have been named after Bungie employee Joseph Staten.
  • Optican-1 was the first submarine fiber optic cable for Spain in 1983.


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