EV-44 Nightingale

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EV-44 Nightingale
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Other system(s):





  • Support
  • Medical transport


United Nations Space Command[1]
Surakan Militia Volunteers[2]


"Right here, sir. Someone need patching up?"
— Responding upon Alice-130's request of Nightingale.[3]

The EV-44 Nightingale, formally designated the EV-44 Support VTOL, is a support VTOL aircraft in service with the United Nations Space Command since at least February 2531.[3][4]

Design details[edit]

The EV-44 Nightingale is a dedicated support unit that uses its complement of multipurpose restoration drones to heal and repair personnel and vehicles. Its relatively simple construction (aside from the advanced drone system) has made it possible to adapt the Nightingale's modern design blueprint to UNSC Spirit of Fire's older factory models.[4]

The Nightingale is completely unarmed. However, the craft is equipped with various countermeasures, including the ability to deploy both multi-spectrum smokescreens and disposable jammers capable of camouflaging all personnel and vehicles within the target area.[4]

Operational history[edit]

"I'm under fire! And all I got is harsh language."
— A Nightingale pilot on Installation 00.[1]

During the Carrow Conflict in September 2558, the Surakan Militia Volunteers used armed Nightingales against Hekabe's forces.[2] In April 2559, Nightingales saw action on Installation 00 during the fight between the UNSC Spirit of Fire and the Banished.[1]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Support Unit, Repairs and heals, Defensive Smoke, Detects cloaked units
  • Tier: 2
  • Cost: Population 4, Supplies 360, Power 50

The Nightingale can be built by all UNSC leaders at the Airpad. In Blitz, the Nightingale costs 70 energy, while a Trooper Nightingale costs 90 energy. When the Trooper Nightingale is destroyed, infantry squads will spawn. Unlike Engineers, the Nightingale can heal up to three units at once due to its drones, but the healing rate is three times slower. The Nightingale is the best unit to heal troops, saving the player from having to use Healing Drones constantly. Another great benefit is that it can heal troops when they are mobile.

Pro and Cons[edit]


  • Best support unit
  • Can save the player's resources from using Restoration drones.
  • Healing rate increased depends on how many Nightingales deployed.
  • Defensive smoke unable any units inside to use their weapons.
  • Can heal up to three targets at once.


  • Must be constantly escorted at all times.
  • Does not have weapons for self-defense.
  • Required Tier 2 to build.
  • Must need at least 2 Nightingale to heal each other.
  • Stealth detection units can detect units under smoke.
  • Cannot gain veterancy (Can only gain one veterancy through Commander Jerome's Field Promotion Leader Power).


  • Like most UNSC aircraft, the Nightingale is named after a bird. As the aircraft fills a medical support role, its name is also a likely reference to Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.
  • The voice cast of Nightingale is same as the voice cast of Jerome-092.


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