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From the Deep
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Halo Wars 2


April 1, 2559[1]


Installation 00

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From the Deep is the seventh campaign level in Halo Wars 2.




Mission Briefing

  • Isabel: "Spirit of Fire to Alice One Three Zero, we have deactivated the Banished's portal network, are you in position?"
  • Alice-130: "Isabel? I wasn't expecting to hear from you. Where's the captain?"
  • Isabel: "The Spirit of Fire is under attack from the Banished carrier, so he's asked me to be your liaison while he deals with it. You've made quite an impression on the Banished down there, we're showing signs of massive troop movement your way. Can you hold out while we're dealing with this attack?
  • Alice-130: "Don't worry, Isabel. I've got this one. Good to be working with you. Alice, out.

Mission Summary

Defend the last portal controller against Banished invasion.

Scouting Report

Set up defenses on the beachhead to intercept the enemy.

In-game Cutscene

A large portal network can be seen while the view goes to Alice-130's base.

  • Alice-130: "Alright, troops. Looks like the Banished want to put an end to our fun. The Captain is a little busy upstairs so we're on our own.
  • Isabel: "Spartan! You have Banished incoming!"

Alice goes to the beachhead from her base, taking Scorpion Tanks and Cyclopes with her.

  • Alice-130: "Already on it, Isabel! Push 'em back, troops!"

A Warthog and two Marines have just arrived at the beachhead and the UNSC Defense Force is engaging Banished. A Plasma bombardment destroys a Scorpion Tank on the Beachhead. Packs of Wraiths and Banshees arrive as Alice and her troops arrive at the beachhead.


With no time to waste, Alice joins the fight as the UNSC Defense Force tries to destroy Wraiths and Banshees from the beach. A Banished Spirit arrives, dropping infantry to the battlefield. After a hard fight, the UNSC to repels them with no casualties.

  • Alice-130: "That was just the beginning, they'll be back soon. Where's that Nightingale we called for?"

A Nightingale arrives from the south.

  • Nightingale: "Right here, sir. Someone need a patching up?"
  • Alice-130: "Keep our Cyclops and Scorpions battle ready. We won't be able to hold this position without them."

The Nightingale arrives at the beach, immediately healing those who are injured.

  • Alice-130: "We need to set up a defensive perimeter to hold them back. Let's get to work.

The UNSC Defense Force defending the beachhead is now under player's command.

The UNSC starts to assemble its forces to set up the defensive perimeter on the beachhead.

  • Alice-130: "We'll need some turrets for support. Get some built and upgrade them to anti-vehicle turrets."

The player starts to call Turrets on the beachhead to strengthen the defenses.

  • Isabel: "Alice, I recommend you to upgrade the turret with anti-vehicle weaponry."

The alarm sounds as the Banished start to make another wave of attack.

  • Alice-130: "Here they come! Scorpion, wake up that gun!"

A Spirit lands and drops squads of infantry to the beachhead. The UNSC immediately engages them. Just when they are finishing up, another wave of Spirits drops more infantry squads and extends the fight.

The third wave of Spirits lands to the beach, dropping two Ghosts and a Sangheili Ranger squad each. The UNSC quickly defeats them while the Nightingale tries to keep them alive.

Another wave comes in. Wraiths emerge from the sea and Spirits drop more squads of infantry.

If Cyclops takes heavy damage.

  • Alice-130: "Our Cyclops need repairs. Get 'em fixed!"

A new wave of attack arrives as Locusts emerges from the sea.

  • Alice-130: "Keep those Locusts away from our base! Get some Cyclops in there!"

More Locusts came out from the sea and the UNSC deploys Cyclopes to defeat them. A Banished Spirit arrives and drops infantry to aid the Locusts. The UNSC quickly aids the Cyclopes by deploying Hellbringers to repel them.

The beachhead is secure for now but Banshees start attacking from northeast, the Wolverines are ready to intercept it. Once clear, the Spirits arrived again at the beachhead, dropping more infantries and Rangers to the battlefield.

Multiple Locusts arrived from the seaboard and engaging UNSC forces on the beachhead. UNSC replies by sending in Cyclops and Hornets to defeat them.

More Locusts start to arrive but this time they bring Wraith along as well. The UNSC keep holding the line on the beach to ensure they won't breakthrough the defensive perimeter.

After defeating a wave of Locust and Wraith, the Banished start to deploy infantries from the East.

  • Alice-130: "The Ground troops are going to keep coming through the shallows. Let's make sure we have some Scorpions waiting to greet them."

More Locusts start coming in from the seaboard as Hellbringers are keeping the infantry off from the East Side. While Locusts arrived at the beachhead, more Infantries are coming from the North East, forcing UNSC to split their forces to three.

Once the beachhead cleared, more Spirit inbound to the North East escorted by Banshees, dropping multiple Ghost and additional Rangers, Infantries and Ghosts also inbound from the East.

UNSC repels them immediately but the attack is not done yet as a new wave of Ghost inbound from North East. Not done with repelling Ghost, Spirit arrived along with Banshess, dropping more Infantries.

The situation got worse as the Banished start to launch their final wave from three directions, Locusts and Wraiths arrived from the seaboard along with Spirit that drops infantries on beachhead. The North East also got Banshees and multiple infantries inbound while from the east, more Infantries and Rangers are inboung. UNSC quickly wipe out the threats on the beachhead before moving to other defensive lines to annihilate them. They finally finish all the incoming Banished.

  • Isabel: "That's it, Alice, they've stopped!, there's something else, and it's very big..."

The Scarab arrives through seaboard, coming in to the beachhead.

  • Isabel: "It's a Scarab! They're sending in a Scarab!"
  • Alice-130: "You heard Isabel, get ready, we're going to have our work cut out for us with this one!"

UNSC forces quickly assemble their forces and engages Scarab before it reaches the base. After some tough fight, the Scarab is finally destroyed with minimal casualties.

  • Alice-130: "Isabel, Scarab is down. Repeat, Scarab is down.
  • Isabel: "I'm impressed! Is that it? Are there more incoming?"
  • Alice-130: "Negative, Isabel, looks like they've given up."
  • Isabel: "It doesn't look that way from here on the bridge. We're still under attack from the Banished carrier."

The beachhead is finally secured and Isabel want her to keep operate the base to guard the portal network.

  • Isabel: "The Captain reccomends you to keep a small base there to guard the portal, but be ready to move out. I think we're going to need your help down there again very soon. Isabel, out."

Level ends

Leader Powers[edit]

  • Restoration Drones I and II
  • Archer Missiles I and II
  • ODST Drop
  • Battle Hardened I
  • Turret Drop I
  • Lotus Mine I and II

Initial Structures and Units[edit]

  • Alice's Team
    • Alice-130
    • 1 Marine
    • 1 Cyclops
    • 1 Scorpion
    • 7 Watchtowers
  • Command Center
    • 1 Supply Pad
    • 1 Generator
  • 2-slot Minibase
    • 1 Garage
  • 2-slot Minibase
    • 1 Barracks
  • Beach Defense Force (Given after 1st wave is cleared)
    • 8 Marines
    • 1 Wolverine
    • 4 Warthogs
    • 1 Cyclops
    • 1 Scorpion (Destroyed)


  • This is the first mission in which the player will encounter a Banished Super Unit.
  • This is one of the two missions in which the player will be surrounded by the Banished from all directions; the other is Last Stand.


  • Immediately capture the Power Node as soon as the mission starts.
  • Deploy Lotus Mine on non beachhead area to buy more time for your main force on the beachhead to aid defenses on the other side.
  • Split your forces wisely, it will keep your defense airtight if you know how to repel them well. Deploy one Nightingale on each side to aid the defenses.


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