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Season 13 (Halo Wars 2)

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Season 13
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Start date:

May 30, 2019

End date:

December 16, 2019

Includes content for:

Halo Wars 2


Season 13 is the thirteenth season of Halo Wars 2 to launch (not including The Yappening in-game event), beginning on May 30, 2019. The season followed Season 12, representing the first update to Halo Wars 2 in seven months, and was succeeded by Season 14 in December - eight months later. The season's emblem is represented by a Barukaza Workshop Locust.

Season 13 Title Updates[edit]

This season did not see the release of any Title Updates or balance patches for Halo Wars 2, due to ongoing work (at the time) with bringing Halo: The Master Chief Collection to PC and Halo: Reach into the collection. However, the season launch did come with an announcement that new changes to balancing were coming (which eventually manifested in Season 14) and code fixes to eventually bring the map Fort Jordan into matchmaking.[1] As of December 2023, Fort Jordan has yet to make its debut in matchmaking.