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The Yappening


Season 11

Season 10
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Start date:

April 2, 2018[1]

End date:

July 18, 2018

Includes content for:

Halo Wars 2


Season 10 was the tenth season of Halo Wars 2 to launch, beginning on April 28, 2017. The season followed Season 9 and the brief in-game April Fools event The Yappening (also known as "Season 9.5") and was succeeded by Season 11 on July 18, 2018. The season's emblem is represented by a D81-LRT Condor.

Season 10 Title Updates[edit]

The launch of Season 10 saw the release of no accompanying Title Updates, but instead saw the release of two server-side patches.[1][2]

April 2 patch

April 2 patch notes

A server-side update was released today that includes additional Xbox-PC crossplay enabled playlists, various unit balance adjustments, and kicks off the start of Season 10![1][3]


More Crossplay Hoppers and Season 10
We are happy to announce that based on feedback we have received we will making 9 of the 11 playlists crossplay. Below are the playlists that will be available during season 10. We wanted to let you all know that we are listening and can’t wait to bring more fun and new things you want to Halo Wars 2!!!

  • Crossplay Playlists
    • Versus AI
    • Rumble
    • Team War
    • Ranked 2v2 Objective
    • Ranked Solo War
    • Ranked 3v3 x War
    • Ranked 1v1 Blitz Open
    • Ranked 2v2 Blitz Open
    • 3v3 Blitz
  • Xbox Only Non-Crossplay Playlists
    • Ranked 2v2 War
    • Ranked 3v3 War
  • PC Only Non-Crossplay Playlists
    • Ranked 2v2 War


  • Air vs. Tanks and Colossus
    • The global buff to air vs. vehicles has seen a change to vary up unit production, but tanks have slightly fallen to the wayside in many respects. This is a partial revert to the buff air was given last patch of 40% for this specific interaction. We are reverting 25% of the buff it received where the modifier went from 1.0 up to 1.4 for core air vs. T3 tanks. This patch will make the damage modifier there a solid 1.3.
    • Core air vs Tanks and Colossus damage modifier reduced from 140% damage to 130%.
  • Air vs. Anti-Air.
    • Banshees and Hornets were doing too well vs. AA from both factions. This was due to a rogue modifier on the fuel rod being too high (talk more about them later) along with air just performing very well against its direct counter when looking at them more closely across this last patch. We are slightly adjusting these interactions.
    • Core Air vs. AA damage reduction of 5%.
  • Detect Range Increase
    • Breaking a cloaked banished base if setup properly is one of the most difficult things to do in the game, not including a turtling Pavium. A key problem in this equation is that the units have had to pretty much be on top of a base to detect it all the while units underneath the cloak and shields are destroying the army on approach. To help fix this all units with detect have had detect ranges match the base line of sight of the unit. Meaning that on flat ground the LOS of a unit is say 65, we are hard coding the detect to be that 65. Even if your LOS changes how it reveals fog of war, that detect will always stay at the same 65.
    • This range will never change and is not impacted by cliff mechanics where line of sight is increased. Detect ranges are a hard-coded value that will never change. I look forward to the hold positions of units cleverly placed behind a base to setup the siege of a cloaked base in the future. Banished might want to start utilizing more motion sensors to watch for these tactics!
    • Engineer and Corrupted Engineer detect range was 40 and now is 65.
    • Elite Ranger detect range was 40 and now is 70.
    • Chopper was 35 and now is 75.
    • Ghost was 35 and now is 80.
    • Reaver was 50 and now is 75.
    • Nightingale was 50 and now is 65.
    • Sniper was 50 and now is 90.
    • Jackrabbit was 35 and now is 80.
    • Wolverine was 50 and now is 75.
  • Scouts
    • The goal with scouts is for them to beat rush infantry specializing in building damage and anti-infantry capabilities. They are however supposed to also lose to core infantry like marines and grunts with camo grunts being the exception here that we are still working on improving. They have been underperforming vs. those rush units so these changes are specifically here to target this interaction. Light armored units are Brute Grenadier, Brute Rider, Suicide Grunt, Cryo Flamers and Flamers. Lightrush units are the Jump Pack Brutes and Elite Enforcers.
    • Jackrabbit damage vs. lightarmored units increase of damage by 10.5%.
    • Jackrabbit damage vs. lightrush units increase of damage by 15%.
    • Skitterers, Ghosts, and Choppers vs. lightarmored increase of 6%.
    • Skitterers, Ghosts, and Choppers vs. lightrush increase of 10%.
  • Snipers and Rangers vs. Heroes
    • These units now have increased effectiveness vs infantry-based hero units of 7.5%.
  • Ram Damage Type Modifier Change
    • The WarthogRam damage type is shared across several units and we are reducing its effectiveness vs. core vehicles. This includes the ram for choppers, ghosts, warthogs, and the stomp of a Scarab. This will also increase the survivability of warthogs and scouts that do ram as they take reflect damage based on the damage dealt to other units. So this change will help several interactions that are not optimal.
    • WarthogRam modifier vs. Medium armor type reduced by 28%.
  • Mines
    • Mines will no longer be allowed to be dropped on units that are stationary. This is to help reduce the overwhelming combo of stunning a group of units and then dropping a very cheap and effective set of mines on top of the units. You still are going to be able to use mines in fun ways and if this is not enough we will investigate other ways of changing this very low cost and very effective leader power.


  • Marines
    • Combat tech is a very powerful upgrade that does a bit too well in certain situations it shouldn’t. As well, marines themselves don’t do well in certain situations that they should. In order to improve this, we are shifting DPS from the rocket of the upgraded Combat Tech marine down to the base marines prior to getting combat tech. To get all the math – please take a look here.
    • Marines vs. air increase of 15% dps.
    • Combat tech marine’s rocket damage reduction of 8%.
  • Hellbringers
    • In comparison to JPB or other building damage units for pure base damage, the hellbringers vs. buildings is a little low prior to upgrading them. With the upgrade being costly and there job not being quite perfect we are making them just a little bit better against buildings.

Flamers vs. buildings damage increased by 5%.

  • Wolverines
    • AA and its effectiveness has been a very hot topic lately. We hear all sides of the argument and are working towards perfect equilibrium for these units. This patch we are lowering the power cost of AA as well as increasing the effectiveness of their ground targeting weapons to increase their viability in a mixed army comp.

Power cost reduction from 150/190 to 150/180. DPS of grenade increased by 30%.

  • Scorpion
    • These guys need some love, so we have given the scorpion main cannon DPS a slight buff to make tanks more tank like.
    • Base DPS increased by 12%.
  • Spartan Slam
    • Douglas, Alice, and Cutter’s Jerome all have spartan slam and it has been a very effective ability since we gave it a buff sometime back. We are bringing it down just slightly in its effectiveness by reducing the stun time, adding an additional falloff ring on the ability, and reducing the damage on impact.
    • Stun reduced from 5 seconds to 4 seconds.
    • Falloff ring adjustments.
      • Was 3/100%, 15/50%
      • Now 3/100, 8/50%, and 15/25%.
    • Base DPS reduced by 5%.
  • UNSC Turrets
    • All UNSC turrets have been modified to help re-balance anti-infantry that were over performing, anti-vehicle that were underperforming, and a bug where the splash radius of a turret was not 100%. Lastly, we are lowering the damage of Siege turrets slightly but will be revisiting them to either adjust splash rings or escalation in cost for the future.
    • Anti-Infantry turrets reduced damage by 5.5%.
    • Anti-vehicle turrets increased damage by 10%.
    • Anti-Air turrets – bug fixed where splash radius was not applying damage correctly.
    • Siege Turrets DPS reduced by 3%.
  • Vulture
    • AA Missiles damage increase of 10% and Air to ground guns damage increase of 5%.


  • Banished Turrets
    • Banished turrets have always been weaker as a tradeoff for the fact that they have shields that can block damage entirely and a tower that can camouflage an entire base. With the adjustments since launch of shields and the current adjustment to detect ranges we are giving them some well-deserved love. These are going up in DPS and as well we fixed a bug where the splash radius of a turret was not doing 100% damage on impact for the AA upgrade.
    • 10% DPS buff across the board.
    • Anti-Air turrets – bug fixed where splash radius was not applying damage correctly.
  • Banshee
    • So, there is a giant split in the community of air being in a great place and air not being in a great place. I am actively listening and working to find a solid balance on this specifically. As well, we did our own investigation further into the banshee and found that a modifier was not changed to lower the damage of the banshee’s green fuel rod it shoots. We have fixed this and in doing so, the Banshee Fuel Rod is going to hit a little bit less.
    • Banshee Fuel Rod vs. buildings decreased by 9%.
    • Banshee Fuel Rod weapon vs. AA reduced by 17%.
  • Blisterback
    • Air Mode plasma cannon damage increase of 5%.
  • Cleansing Beam
    • All around this leader power needed some love. It cost too much power, didn’t hit hard enough, and couldn’t catch units. We have adjusted all of these to make it less power hungry, chase down demons, and burn units off the map if you keep them in the center of the ability. This ability was one solid damage radius of 100%. This is not the cleansing beam you have grown to loathe and laugh at and now will erase units if left unchecked.
    • Cost Reduction at each tier.
      • T1 changed from 300/200 to 350/150.
      • T2 changed from 400/300 to 450/250.
      • T3 changed from 500/400 to 550/350.
    • Beam movement speed increase at each tier (banshee is 20.5 speed for reference).
      • T1 changed from 17 to 18.
      • T2 changed from 17 to 19.
      • T3 changed from 17 to 20.
    • Damage rings added to each tier
      • Center ring is 125% damage
      • Middle ring outside of center is 100% damage.
      • Outermost edge of the beam is a ring of 75% damage.
  • Elite Rangers
    • I have talked with a lot of people about these guys and I know this isn’t the perfect fix for them, but we are still looking at ways we can make these guys better. For now, we are going to be giving Elite Rangers a flat DPS buff.
    • Base DPS increased by 5%.
  • Grunts
    • There are two types of grunts in the game. Elite lead grunts with cloak and Brute lead grunts with mines. Both are getting improved in multiple ways to receive a bigger buff overall than marines did in this patch.
    • All grunts vs. air damage increase of 15%.
    • Brute Grunts 5% damage increase.
    • Elite grunts 7.5% damage increase.
    • Pack Brother grunts 7.2% damage increase.
    • Squad Reserves grunts 8.5% damage increase.
  • Hunters
    • We adjusted a flag on hunters that will help make them a bit deadlier when receiving the Assault Beam upgrade. In testing they proved to be more potent – but please look and yell if they still aren’t up to par.
  • Jump Pack Brutes
    • The stun has been replaced with an 85% slow to fix a bug where the mines falling from these brutes would stun lock your units if Atriox’s Counter Measures leader power was in use. This is to help make JPBs less effective overall as well as temporarily fix a code bug that we need to investigate more and find a way to fix.
    • Jump Pack Brutes now slow on impact instead of stun.
  • Reavers
    • AA and its effectiveness has been a very hot topic lately. We hear all sides of the argument and are working towards perfect equilibrium for these units. This patch we are doing a not so well received change that I know is controversial. Lowering the power cost of AA everybody likes, but the increased effectiveness of their ground targeting weapons for the reaver is the controversial part of this update. If this is OP, we will fix it, but I do not believe it will be. I am fully prepared to eat those words, apologize, and say I was wrong, but for now we are going to be doing the following.
    • Power cost reduction from 175/225 to 175/215.
    • DPS of the gunner increased by 31%.
    • Reaver jump ability increased by 24%.
  • Wraiths
    • Wraiths have received a 5% buff to health, 5% shield buff, and a 12% buff to the main cannon attack to make them…. Well… More wraith-y?


  • Arbiter
    • Conduit of Rage is one of if not the most effective passives in the game when it is activated. The Arbiter’s entire leader wheel is heavily dependent on this passive being cast through the other leader powers on his wheel and is taken advantage of by players who put the time in to practice and use him very effectively. Most of his leader powers don’t do a lot of damage, but instead COR makes his army do leader power like damage through the ability. The damage buffs to units are 30% at tier 1, 45% at tier 2, and 60% at tier 3. That being said – we have not touched damage at this time, but instead have reduced the healing of conduit aiming at making his units more killable. We don’t want to go nuclear and hit this guy down too hard, so we are starting with the heal at this time and will re-evaluate as the season progresses. As well, we slowed down the rate of an elite throwing a grenade from the **Elite Enforcers squad and reduced the reflect damage of the Arbiter’s hero unit.
    • Conduit of Rage changes
      • T1 heal was 4% every 1.5 seconds and is now 3% every 2 seconds.
      • T2 heal was 4% every 1 second and is now 3% every 1.5 seconds.
      • T3 heal was 4% every .7 seconds and is now 3% every 1 second.
    • Elite Enforcers grenadier elite post attack cooldown increased by 35%.
    • Hero unit reflection damage reduced by 10%.
  • Atriox
    • Atriox is one of my favorite leaders in the game. He is slowly getting tuned back up after a long period of falling from his once epic greatness. I know people want significantly larger buffs, but small changes are what is needed to not make him OP overall again. Think of it as baby steps.
    • Fortifications T1 outpost cost is now 400/150.
    • Fortifications T2 outpost cost is now 300/125.
    • All other cost reductions have been lowered at T1 by 3% and at T2 6%.
    • Bulwarks cooldown reduction of 20 seconds.
    • Bulwark Heal rate increased from 30%/40%/50% up to 35%/45%/55%.
  • Anders
    • One day we will make the promised change to Protector sentinels of increasing the pop cost, but that is not being done at this time. Instead we are fixing a bug and also increasing the effectiveness of her 6 o’clock ability.
    • T1 Ark Defense Sentinel’s Health and DPS increase by 10%
    • T2 Ark Defense Sentinel’s Health and DPS increase by 10%
    • T3 Ark Defense Sentinel’s Health and DPS increase by 15%
    • Retriever Sentinel now takes up 30 population instead of 24 when cast.
  • Cutter
    • Cutter’s hero Jerome’s Spartan laser upgrade now is being increased in effectiveness.
    • Spartan Laser upgrade has 10% damage increase vs. vehicles.
    • Spartan Laser upgrade has 15% damage increase to non-vehicles.
    • Post attack cooldown reduced by 15%.
  • Decimus
    • One day Decimus will not be OP. On that day, boundless siphon might come back on the Warlord. Until the day he is balanced we will continue working towards slowly bringing him down so certain unit compositions are not so oppressive. His boundless siphon and active siphon are being reduced in effectiveness and there is a cost increase for his active.
    • Boundless siphons heal reduced from 3% to 2.5%
    • Siphon price increased at each tier.
      • T1 200/50 increased to 300/100.
      • T2 300/75 increased to 400/150.
      • T3 400/100 increased to 500/150
    • Siphon effectiveness reduced at each tier.
      • T1 reduced from 7% to 6%.
      • T2 reduced from 9% to 8%.
      • T3 reduced from 11% to 10%.
  • Forge
    • Forge’s Grizzly Battalion’s cost increase was indeed too high. To help make it better, we are reducing the cost from 3000/450 down to 2750/450.
  • Isabel
    • The almighty Mac blast, eraser of worlds, and killer of anti-vehicle everything has had to be taken down a notch. The damage rings for Mac blast have been adjusted to make faster falloff of a higher damage percentage as well as had a cost increase and a base DPS reduction.
    • Cost increase at each tier.
      • T1 300/200 increased to 350/250.
      • T2 400/300 increased to 450/350.
      • T3 500/400 increased to 550/450.
    • Damage Ring Changes.
      • Old T1 radius and damage: 1.5/125%, 9.0/100%, 19/60%, 22/40%
      • New T1 radius and damage: 2/125%, 6/100%, 16/50%, 22/40%
      • Old T2 radius and damage: 1.5/125%, 9/100%, 19/60%, 26/40%.
      • New T2 radius and damage: 3/125%, 8/100%, 18/60%, 26/40%
      • Old T3 radius and damage: 2/125%, 10/100%, 20/60%, 27/40%, 33/30%
      • New T3 radius and damage: 1/150%, 2/125%, 8/100%, 18/60%, 26/40%, 33/20% Cost:
    • Base DPS decreased for each tier.
      • T1 Damage reduced by 9%.
      • T2 Damage reduced by 6.5%.
      • T3 Damage reduced by 5%.
  • Sgt. Johnson
    • So, this guy has been in an interesting spot for some time and we have been playing with ways to improve his toolkit from units to leader powers. For now, what we have decided on is to help improve his mech units, increase the health of his destructible healing beacon for his hero unit, and normalize his veterancy gains and bonuses for his hero unit.
    • Colossus 10% speed increase.
    • Mantis Upgrade cost reduction from 600 power to 400.
    • Shields once upgraded increase of 10%.
    • Normalized Veterancy by reducing his requirements at 2% per level.
    • Each veterancy level has been increased in effectiveness by 2% per level.
    • The destroyable beacon for Johnson’s hero ability has a health buff of 343%.
  • Serina
    • Frostraven’s ability cooldown reduced from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Pavium
    • Pavium is a very tricky Brute to mess with because of his intended role. He isn’t the best at offense, but he is hands down the best at saying “though shalt not pass my defense,” and has been showcased many times as being such. So much so that we had to bring him down a notch on defense and up a bit on offense. On top of that, we also had to touch on a how strong his ability on his hero unit was for essentially trapping units in rain of fire for a bit too long.
    • Lich damage buff of 40%, decrease in duration of 25%, and unit spawner buff of 15% to health.
    • Pavium’s Stand has been reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Slow on Pavium’s Hero ability reduced from 40%/50% to 10%/20% on the upgrades.
    • Hero reflection damage reduced by 10%.
  • Shipmaster
    • A few changes have been made for shipmaster to help improve his advanced cloaking ability and mines.

Scout mine line of sight increased by 25% first point and 20% second point.

    • Advanced cloaking reduced the power cost on shrouds by 30 at first point.
    • Advanced cloaking shroud cloaking range increased by 15% on second point.
  • Jerome
    • To make Jerome’s leader powers a little bit more affordable we took the top off on Omega Team and Field promotion. As well we have increased the speed of the mastodon slightly to make his troop carriers more versatile and attractive for players.
    • Omega Team reduced from 2000/2000 down to 1800/1800.
    • Field Promotion reduced from 1000/1000 down to 800/800.
    • Mastodon speed increase of 8%.
  • Voridus
    • Voridus’ abilities effectiveness is being reduced because it is simply put too strong. As well his hero is getting a slight health bump up which we can keep pushing upwards to make his hero unit better in the future.
    • Combat spoils effectiveness reduced by 15% at first point and 28% at 2nd
    • Voridus hero health buff of 5%.
  • Kinsano
    • Last patch we fixed a bug with Kinsano’s Flame Hog Tier 3 upgrade Incendiary grenade. Now that it does the damage the upgrade was intended to do we have found it is performing too well vs other vehicles. We have reduced the modifiers for this upgrade vs. other core vehicles. As well we are increasing the cooldown on hell drop to account for the buff to flamers vs. buildings and fixed a bug with Kinsano’s hero unit and how she gained veterancy.
    • Incendiary grenade flame hog damage to core vehicles reduced by 20%.
    • Incendiary grenade flame hog damage to buildings reduced by 7%.
    • Hell drop cooldown increased from 90 seconds to 110 seconds.
    • Fixed bug with Kinsano veterancy gain.
    • This little guy has been a thorn in my side for a while. Not only does he have the highest win rate in the game, but he also has some of the fastest cooldowns on leader powers. To bring him inline we are nerfing his face with **cooldown rate increases across the board. This is Yappening.
    • Methane Party increased from 265 seconds to 300.
    • Grunt dome cooldown increased from 180 to 210 seconds.
    • Shade Turret cooldown increased from 150 to 180 seconds.


  • These changes were made to make these units more viable in comparison to the counter units. Cost reductions were made to help improve these interactions.
    • Banshee cost reduced from 60 to 50.
    • Hornet reduced from 70 to 60.
    • Atriox Chosen cost reduced to 200.
    • Warlord cost reduced to 170.
    • Pavium cost reduced to 205.
    • Voridus and Serina Mines increased to 50.
    • Super unit durations increased from 40 to 60 seconds.

Terminus Firefight

  • Shrouds can now cloak the Terminus like Nightingale smoke.
May 14 balance patch

May 14 balance patch notes

A server-side mid-season balance update is being released today for Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows PC. Thank you to everyone who provided input and feedback to help shape this latest update. See below for full details![2]


  • Tier 3 tanks have not felt as tanky as they should when finally making their way to bases. To compensate for this - Wraiths, Scorpion, and Grizzlies are getting buffs to their building damage as well as well as other slight changes to increase their accessibility.
  • Wraith
    • Building Damage increased by 5%
    • Shield increased by 10%


    • Building Damage increased by 5%
    • Cost reductions 600/90 -> 550/90


    • Building Damage increased by 5%
    • Cost reductions 900/140 -> 850/140


  • UNSC currently are losing overall to the Banished globally with a few leaders being able to keep up. Part of this is due to the units that are supposed to help defend against rush units early as well as anti-vehicle not being up to par. We are making a few targeted changes to help improve their early game as well as make anti-vehicle survive a little bit better.
  • Cyclops
    • HP increased by 10%.
  • Jackrabbit
    • Base DPS increased by 5%
    • Time between attacks reduced and shot speed increased to reduce number of missed attacks.


  • The latest buffs to AA vs. other units on the ground helped AA out quite a bit, but we did not see a Reaver meta. But – they have been over-performing against units they shouldn’t. We have created an all new weapon for them to use with different modifiers, so they can’t effectively counter there counter and other vehicles.
  • Reaver
    • Reavers shared the weapon type of core infantry and caused a lot of damage vs. other anti-vehicle units and with scaling too much to other core vehicles.
      • WeaponType for Reaver gunner changed from AAsmallarms to ReaverAutocannon.
      • DamageModifier vs. Medium reduced to 0.8 from 1.0
      • Damage Modifier vs. MediumHero reduced to 0.8 from 1.0
      • Damage Modifier vs. MediumAA reduced to 0.8 from 1.1
      • Damage Modifier vs. HeavyInfantry reduced to 0.7 from 1.6

Leader Power

We might have buffed the cleansing beam just a little bit too much taking it from the trash can to the hottest leader power in the game. We hot fixed it earlier in the season to stop it from cleansing bases too effectively, but it is still over-performing against armies. It was adequately dubbed the Meme Beam and we are going to be slightly lower its effectiveness, so it is still much stronger than it was before Season 10 – but less effective than it has been.

  • Cleansing Beam
    • Cooldown increased by 30s
    • Speed normalized at each tier to 17/18/18 from 17/18/19
    • Center damage ring radius reduced by 50% at all tiers
    • Center damage ring reduced to 115% from 125%
  • Atriox
    • Counter measure Jump Pack Brute Mines have been rebuilt from the ground up. They now no longer place a slow or stun on any unit that the mines fall on when you jump over an army.
  • Colony
    • When Goliaths were built they had an armor type placed on them that was not the same as other units that are used to rush bases. This is getting fixed and we have fixed a bug on the Hunter Captain.
    • Goliath now has the LightRush armor type.
    • Fixed a bug where Hunter Captain would occasionally not damage units with base weapon.
  • Arbiter
    • We have been slowly trying to bring Arbiter down from his height of being too good with Conduit of Rage. To bring him in line with other leaders we are lowering the damage effectiveness of his COR and how it applies. As well, we have moved Elite Spirit Assault to a tier 4 leader power and swapped is with Stasis.
    • Conduit of Rage
      • Reapplying the buff now refreshes the 10 second duration instead of stacking
      • Damage Buff reduced from 30%/45%/60% to 15%/30%/45%
    • Elite Spirit Assault
      • Now a Tier 4 power and the position is swapped with Stasis on the radial
    • The community has given feedback that Heavy Grunts build time was not being affected by Logistics. We have fixed this bug. Yap’s mines also were doing significantly more damage compared to others and has been lowered to that of other mines.
    • Heavy Grunts
      • Unit is now correctly affected by Logistics
    • Ambush Mines
      • Overall Damage reduced to mirror lotus mine damage.
  • Voridus
    • Another case of the community speaking up helped us identify this issue. Voridus’ scarab now appropriately is affected by Logistics.
    • Corrupted Scarab
      • Unit is now correctly affected by Logistics


  • Blitz is something we are actively working to improve balance on. We are doing a very significant investigation on our end in terms of data for the mode, but we have identified a few starting armies that needed some love as they were not as competitive compared to other armies. Many more changes are planned for the future of this mode and we will be targeting them for the next major balance update. Please keep the feedback coming!
  • Blitz Starting Armies
    • Colony “Battering Ram” now has 4 Skitterers in place of one Goliath.
    • Johnson “Mech Offense” now has a Warthog in place of one Mantis.
    • Arbiter “Elite Assault” now has a Ghost added to it.
    • Arbiter “Vicious Blade” now has a Ghost added to it.


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