Season 7 (Halo Wars 2)

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Season 7
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Start date:

September 26, 2017

End date:

November 2, 2017

Includes content for:

Halo Wars 2


Season 7 was the seventh season of Halo Wars 2 to launch, beginning on September 26, 2017. The season followed Season 6 and was succeeded by Season 8 on November 2, 2018. The season launched alongside the release of the Awakening the Nightmare expansion and the leaders Pavium and Voridus; as such the season's emblem is represented by a Flood Abomination. This season saw the release of two new maps for Halo Wars 2; Mirage and Fissures.

Season 7 Title Update[edit]

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The launch of Season 7 saw the release of an accompanying Title Update.[1]


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