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"Voridus listen. You fail him one more time trying to prove yourself and I will not be able to save you. And it will be both our skulls beneath his mace."
— Pavium to Voridus.[1]

Pavium, nicknamed the Unbreakable, is a Jiralhanae Warlord within the Banished who fought against the Flood during the Second Ark Conflict.[2][3]


Warlord Pavium is an architect and siegemaster, making and unmaking fortifications at Atriox’s command. Given the epithet “The Unbreakable” for his implacable discipline and prowess in combat engineering, Pavium’s skill is unimpeachable, but conflicting ties of loyalty to his clan and brother Voridus had slowed advancement in the Banished. Eager to prove his worth, Pavium redoubled the efforts of his pack since their setback on Installation 09. His efforts have not gone without notice, and Atriox tasked Pavium and his brother with a mission to salvage starships near the remains of High Charity to judge their worthiness as members of the warmaster’s inner circle.[3][1]

Personality and traits[edit]

"A dead Jiralhanae wins no battles."
— Pavium during the Second Ark Conflict.[2]

A gigantic Jiralhanae[4], Pavium is an intelligent individual with a strong tactical mind.[5] Pavium has shown great care for those under his command, as seen when Pavium refused to abandon Voridus and seeing to the wounded during the Flood outbreak on the Ark.[6]


"They will not break us, they will break upon us."
— Pavium during the Second Ark Conflict.[2]

Pavium's panoply of war always includes his custom warplate and a relic tower shield gifted to him by Decimus. For offensive purposes Pavium uses a heavy mortar system for direct bombardment and a target designator for calling out high-value targets for combined fire from Mega turrets.[3][2]

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  • Pavium is voiced by T.J. Storm.
  • His name may be derived from the pavise, a large shield used by archers and crossbowmen, similar to the one Pavium uses.
  • Pavium's target designator is similar to the British Captain's Victor Target ability from Company of Heroes, which is used to designate targets for combined artillery fire.


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