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In Jiralhanae society, a daskalo serves as a rough equivalent to the human concept of a mentor figure.[1] Daskalos generally guide their younger charges throughout the early years of their life and career, forming an extremely strong bond between the two that can last a lifetime. Within Banished, the War Chief Escharum served as daskalo to Atriox during the latter's nascent rebellion against the Covenant, ultimately working under Atriox as one of the Warmaster's most trusted advisors and commanders - later taking charge of the Banished war on Installation 07 in the wake of Atriox's believed death.

The War Chief Decimus served as daskalo in a similar fashion to the Warlord Pavium during the Second Ark Conflict. Following Decimus' death, Pavium and his clan were put under scrutiny from Atriox, who began to test Pavium's aptitude for leadership and potential promotion - ultimately leading to an outbreak of the Flood on the Ark just months later.[2]

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