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Not to be confused with Yayap.
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Rebelled against Atriox and the Banished


Yapyap, self-proclaimed Yapyap the DESTROYER, is an Unggoy leader who rebelled against the Banished during their battle with the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire on Installation 00.[1]


Yapyap was a low ranking Deacon in the Covenant's Ministry of Sanitation before being kidnapped by the Banished.

Yapyap rose through the chain of command within the Banished due to being slower than the other Grunts at avoiding eye contact when a job needed to be filled.

After discovering the Throne of Woe, Yapyap rebelled against the Banished in favor of locating the fabled Golden Methane Hydrate Mines of Sabator, hidden somewhere on the Ark. Throughout his rebellion, the Throne of Woe continued to communicate with him, telling Yapyap that the Ark belonged to the Unggoy. Yapyap managed to lose more Unggoy in battle than were even carried to the Ark in the first place. The Throne of Woe would somehow produce Unggoy reinforcements for Yapyap after he argued with and kicked the Throne.[1]


Yapyap uses the point tank model of the Unggoy combat harness, engraved with multiple carvings. He also has a Hierarch crown with a small statue of Installation 00 crudely tied onto it.

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