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January 11, 2529[1]


Pavium (Elder brother)[1]

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259.1 centimetres (8 ft 6 in)[1]


689.9 kilograms (1521 lbs)[1]

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"Relax, brother. You worry too much."
— Voridus to Pavium.[2]

Voridus is a Jiralhanae lieutenant within the Banished who fought against the Flood during the Second Ark Conflict.[2]


Joining the Banished[edit]

Both Pavium and Voridus joined the Banished in the post-Covenant War era. Both brothers were present during a conflict with Jovus' pack.[3]

Installation 00[edit]

During the time after the Banished seized Installation 00 on November 25, 2558, Voridus ruthlessly exploited the Ark for new resources and knowledge, especially the energetic meta-materials pumped throughout the Ark in great rivers to keep the installation functioning; these efforts culminated in his recent harnessing of infusion gel. However, the prototype infusion technology Voridus created produced corrosive and mutagenic sludge during operation, even "damaging" some Huragok in the process, but it hasn't stopped Voridus from field testing new weapons that harness infusion gel's byproducts.[4]

Awakening the Nightmare[edit]

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"I'll look around. And if we find prizes to bring back, how could that go wrong?"
— Voridus to Pavium.[2]
Voridus fighting the Flood outside High Charity.

Months after Installation 09 left the Ark, Voridus and Pavium were tasked by Atriox to salvage starships near the remains of High Charity.[2] At some point before this assignment, Voridus failed Atriox once, trying to prove himself, but he was spared; failing his task in High Charity would not save him from Atriox, even with Pavium's intervention.[2]

While Pavium established a salvage site, Voridus led his forces to the High Charity crash site. Driving a Barukaza Workshop Scarab, Voridus smashed through the wreckage and even a small UNSC base to the crash site. As his forces approached the crash site, the Forerunner Sentinels guarding the area descended upon them. Having already used disruption emitters to disable nearby Sentinel launching bays, Voridus recklessly disabled the Forerunner defenses to deactivate Retriever Sentinels defending the crash site.[2]

Despite being told to salvage around the crash site, Voridus and his forces, eager to loot its interiors, breached the containment shield around High Charity. Upon sending his Jiralhanae into High Charity, Voridus and his party were attacked by the Flood. The Flood overwhelmed Voridus' forces, and began spreading across the surrounding area on the Ark.[2] Voridus lost contact with Pavium, but managed to escape eventually, with just a few of his pack brothers.[5] The two regrouped outside a Forerunner defense station which contained the Archive, but Voridus' base soon became under siege by the Flood. The Flood blocked off the entrance to the station with massive tentacles and bursters. While Voridus monitored Flood activity in the area, Pavium operated a trio of salvage drills to destabilize the chemicals in the ground underneath and destroyed the Flood growth at the entrance.[6]

Voridus is berated by Atriox for disobeying orders.

Pavium remained to defend the entrance, and Voridus led a party into the underground defense station. Voridus and his party fought through the Flood-infested Archive, eventually reactivating the Sentinel defense network in the region.[7] However, at this point, a massive Proto-Gravemind had taken form outside High Charity, and began commanding the Flood forces. Voridus met up with Pavium at a Banished outpost nearby, and, fighting through the Flood defenses while assisted by Forerunner Sentinels, they built up a network of Eklon'Dal Workshop Antlions in the area to destroy the Proto-Gravemind. The two succeeded in destroying the Proto-Gravemind, just before Atriox arrived personally. Voridus, along with Pavium, was tasked by Atriox to secure the breach on the containment shield.[8]

Stopping the Great Journey[edit]

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Personality and traits[edit]

Voridus is many things that his elder brother Pavium is not: glory-seeking, impulsive, impatient, vicious, curious, and spontaneous, yet laid back, relaxed and humorous, often not worrying about the situation and joking with his more serious brother. He is also gifted with an intuitive understanding of Forerunner systems.[4] Voridus can also understand and read human languages.[9]


Voridus is fast and vicious in combat, even for a Brute, and wields a barbed gravity hammer and an energy scythe named Carnifax.[10] Voridus is typically equipped with iatrochemically enhanced armor fitted with nanobarbed talons.[1] These retractable double blades on his left gauntlet can be used to attack enemies behind him and in front of him.

He has a deep fascination with Infusion gel as many units under his command utilize it.

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