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The Banished

"Relax, brother. You worry too much."
— Voridus to Pavium.[1]

Voridus is a Jiralhanae lieutenant within the Banished who fought against the Flood during the Second Ark Conflict.[2]


"I'll look around. And if we find prizes to bring back, how could that go wrong?"
— Voridus to Pavium.[1]

During the time after the Banished seized Installation 00 on November 25, 2558, Voridus ruthlessly exploited the Ark for new resources and knowledge, especially the energetic meta-materials pumped throughout the Ark in great rivers to keep the installation functioning; these efforts culminated in his recent harnessing of infusion gel. However, the prototype infusion technology Voridus created produced corrosive and mutagenic sludge during operation, even "damaging" some Huragok in the process, but it hasn't stopped Voridus from field testing new weapons that harness infusion gel's byproducts.[3] Months after Installation 09 left the Ark, Voridus and Pavium were tasked by Atriox to salvage starships near the remains of High Charity.[1]

Personality and traits[edit]

Voridus is many things that his elder brother Pavium is not: glory-seeking, vicious, curious, and spontaneous. He is also gifted with an intuitive understanding of Forerunner systems.[3]

In combat, Voridus is fast and vicious, even for a Brute, and wields a barbed gravity hammer.[4] He has a retractable double blade on his left gauntlet used that can be used to attack enemies behind him and in front of him.

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  • Voridus is voiced by Ashley Bagwell.
  • Voridus's mask and wrist blade show striking similarities to the mask and wrist blade of Predator from the Predator franchise.


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