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This article is about the Scarab model introduced in Halo Wars 2. For other types of Scarab, see Scarab. For real-world uses of the word, see Scarab (disambiguation).
Barukaza Workshop Fortress Breaker
HW2 Banished Scarab.png
Production information


Armory of Barazuka[1]

Product line:

Excavator tier-four[2]


Modified Deutoros-pattern Scarab

Technical specifications


43.8 meters (143.6 ft)[1]


28.8 meters (94.6 ft)[1]


60.2 meters (197.4 ft)[1]


559.7 metric tons (550.9 LT; 617.0 ST)[1]


Plasma generators




30 passengers[1]


In service:

Second Ark Conflict




The Barakuza Workshop Fortress Breaker is one of the Scarab variants utilized by the Banished.[1][3]


Design Details[edit]

The Banished scarab sports a very bulky appearance, being covered in heavy armor plating.[3] Unlike other models of the Scarab, which have blunt, curved spikes for feet, the Banished Scarab has grasping claws that are used for traction as the vehicle travels through rough terrain. The Scarab is slow but very mobile and can easily travel up cliffs and across rough terrain along with a water-tight body that makes it able to traverse through water.[3]

Crew and complement[edit]

The Scarab is "piloted" by a Banished supervisor, and the Scarabs control systems are controlled by colonies of Lekgolo worms.[3]


The Scarabs have plasma generators that are unstable due to the modifications by the Banished to maximise firepower. The unstable plasma generators quickly kill the Lekgolo worms that form its control system.[3]


Banished Scarabs are armed with an unstable focus cannon that deals incredible ground-target damage and six Thrasher missile launcherss for air defense.[3][1] When not in use, the Thrasher missile launchers are retracted and protected by the body of the Scarab.[4]


Volatile Scarab[edit]

The Volatile Scarab variant was created after Voridus learnt how to harness the power of the Installation 00's Infusion gel. The Scarabs bulk had enough containment systems required to weaponize the gel. Voridus had specially selected pilots ready to pilot for him when he is otherwise occupied.[5]

Operational History[edit]

"We are the Scarab. We are horror."
— A Banished Scarab commander during the Second Ark Conflict.[4]

Many of these Scarabs were deployed by the Banished onto the Ark during the mercenary group's arrival at the installation. At least one Scarab was deployed during the initial assault on the UNSC research outposts on the Ark on November 25, 2558.[6]

Following the arrival of the long-lost UNSC Spirit of Fire at the Ark in March, 2559, and the subsequent conflict between the Banished and the UNSC, a number of Scarabs were deployed against the human forces. Following the failure of numerous assault waves to wipe out a UNSC base defended by Spartan Alice-130 and other forces, a single Scarab was unleashed as a final attempt by the Banished to crush the human opposition. Arriving on the beachhead after travelling underwater, the Scarab proceeded to attack the UNSC defenders. Despite its best efforts, the Scarab was destroyed by the UNSC forces, forcing the Banished to retreat.[7] Later in the battle, as Banished forces poured onto the newly created Halo installation in order to wrest control from the Spirit of Fire, Sangheili Honor Guardsman Orda Val 'Saham was overseeing the repair of a damaged Scarab on the surface of the ring. UNSC forces under the command of Douglas-042 led an assault on the repair team, seeking to commandeer the Scarab in order to destroy a number of Banished barricades and bases in the area. Despite 'Saham's best efforts to stop the attackers, the Honor Guardsman and his forces soon fell allowing Douglas-042 to board and take control of the Scarab. While the Scarab's focus cannon was functional, its Thrasher missiles were offline forcing other UNSC forces to protect the Scarab from aerial assaults. Using the Scarab, Douglas-042 was able to destroy a number of barricades, as well as numerous Banished bases and large amounts of vehicles and infantry protecting the access point the Banished were using to deploy forces onto the ring.[8] As Professor Anders attempted to deactivate Installation 09's firing mechanism, UNSC forces fought to defend against masses of Banished attackers in order to buy her time. Atriox first sent a single Scarab along with one of the assault waves but it was soon destroyed by the human forces including a Condor gunship. As the intense battle continued, three Scarabs were deployed at once as a last-ditch effort to wipe out the humans. Despite the overwhelming firepower from the Scarabs, they were ultimately bested by the UNSC forces and the Halo ring successfully transitioned into slipspace. Furious with his defeat, Atriox observed what remained of his forces, which still consisted of a sizable armada, including a number of Scarabs.[9]

Several months after the launch of the Halo ring Atriox, seeking to gain the upper hand against the crew of the Spirit of Fire in their ongoing battle, dispatched a force led by Jiralhanae brothers Voridus and Pavium to scout the ruined shell of High Charity for useful technologies. A Scarab was deployed to assist in destroying natural barricades and Sentinels guarding the quarantined wreckage of the former Covenant holy city. Succeeding in clearing the way, Voridus used the Scarab's focus cannon to blast a hole in the containment shield, inadvertently releasing the Flood trapped within.[10]


Halo Wars 2[edit]


  • Info: Very heavy armor, Very high damage, Traverses all terrain, Super Unit.
  • Tier: 3
  • Cost: Population 40, Supplies 2,000, Power 2,000

The Scarab is a super unit that can be purchased at the War Council by all Banished leaders aside from Voridus. Unlike its Halo Wars counterpart the Banished Scarab comes equipped with Thrasher missiles instead of a plasma cannon, and a plasma shield ability. The plasma shield ability makes the Scarab invincible for a short time. Up to three can be used at once in standard modes. Scarabs are effective against infantry, vehicles, and structures, but are only okay against aircraft. In Blitz the Scarab costs Blitz Energy 300 energy and is only on the field for 60 seconds.

Phoenix Log - Scarab
Phoenix log artwork

Superheavy assault walker with devastating excavation beam.

Few weapon platforms strike as much fear into an opponent as Scarabs. Massive and armored with nearly impenetrable battleplate, most battles end soon after a Scarab appears. Banished Scarabs are armed with an unstable plasma beam that deals incredible ground-target damage and Thrasher missiles for air defense. The Scarab is slow but very mobile and can easily travel up cliffs and across rough terrain.

Scarabs are highly prized excavation vehicles, though in Banished service they are almost exclusively used as war machines. Heavily modified by the Banished to maximize firepower, the unstable plasma generators used in these Scarabs quickly kill the Lekgolo worms that form its control system. Atriox cares not for this sacrifice as long as the Scarabs continue to bring him victories.

Volatile Scarab[edit]

  • Info: Very high damage, Beam creates pool of infused gel, Can briefly shield itself from danger, Traverses all terrain, Slow moving, Very heavy armor, Super Unit.
  • Tier: 3
  • Cost: Population 40, Supplies 2,000, Power 2,000

The Scarab is a super unit that can be purchased at the War Council by Voridus. While largely similar to the base Scarab the Volatile Scarab creates pools of infusion gel while attacking. Like the base Scarab it comes equipped with a plasma shield and is effective against infantry, vehicles, and structures, but are only okay against aircraft.

Phoenix Log - Volatile Scarab
Phoenix log artwork

Overcharged weapons systems make this modified assault platform even more deadly for both enemies and for the Scarab's own crew.

Never one to leave a good weapon alone, once Voridus learned how to harness the power of infusion gel he immediately started testing its application to all available Banished systems. Not all vehicles could accommodate the large containment systems required to weaponize the gel, but in the case of the Scarab that extra bulk was trivial addition. The Infused Scarabs fielded by Voridus are capable of spreading massive pools of the damaging energy gel across the battlefield while retaining the Scarab's base resilience and ability to traverse even the largest combat obstacles.

Voridus enjoys taking personal command of his Infused Scarabs whenever possible but retains a small cadre of specially selected pilots ready to take over for him when he is otherwise occupied. The prospect of charging into withering enemy fire while riding atop massive tanks of the most volatile liquid known to Banished armorers takes a special kind of crazy, which Voridus knows all too well how to engender in his troops.


The Banished Scarab was nicknamed "Taterbug" by the community and Jeff Easterling.[11]


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