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"Locust" is the name applied to a series of Covenant quadrupedal mining platforms.


Locusts are quadrupedal mining platfroms that are part of a larger class of constructs known as Excavators. Out of nine tiers of Excavators they are classed tier-one on its scale.[1]


Banished Locust[edit]

  • Barukaza Workshop Locust - The Banished utilize modified Locusts armed with unstable focus cannons, making them more dangerous than their Covenant counterparts.[2]

Type-30 Locust[edit]


Like all known Excavators, the Locust is named after an insect rather than a supernatural entity like most Covenant vehicles. Locusts are members of the grasshopper family that are infamously known for rapidly stripping fields of crops. The walker's similar "building killer" usage may be the reason for the vehicle's name.

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