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Walkers in the covenant could be named after insects that are slightly related to death. Locust are an insect that cause famine witch equals death for starving villagers. Also were the white digging machines in first strike ever officially named scarabs? It could be a prototype thats far weaker than the Scarabs of Halo 2 and 3. Omar-065

Ha! I freaking knew it-Omar-065

Don't you see this thing in the Snowbound map from Halo 3???-Naiuhz

Nope those are Automated Plasma Turrets. Very similar looking though.- Omar-065

Unknown Role[edit]

At first one would think it is a tiny Scarab, but I believe it is actually the replacement for the cut Covenant Air Artillery. Only time will tell. Spirit of FireFile:UNSCoH Dingo without letters.PNG|20px]]

Actually, the current lead designer specifically calls it a mini-Scarab. So it's probably more mobile that the artillery. -- CoH|Councillor]] Specops306 - Kora UserWiki:Specops306|'Morhek]] 09:08, 8 October 2008 (UTC)
against Buildings in groups with overdrive=4 seconds of Ownage


"The Locust cannot be made until the Age of Doubt is researched." Isn't this a false statement, because a player can capture the forerunner reactors (ex: Blood Gulch) in order to gain the tech necessary for Locust?

That's right, you might want to discuss that with an admin.Youngrubby 19:00, June 8, 2010 (UTC)

Should be: "The Locust cannot be made until the second tech level.",. SPARTAN-125 Cally99117

"Combat and Tactics"?[edit]

They appear outdated. The tactics prescribed would lead to certain defeat in current multiplayer. Perhaps these strategies are from earlier play? I've rewritten the section based on the units current, vanilla, usage, in the role the developers gave it.

I kept the description of the unit itself and its upgrades because its fine.

LucentCross 08:32, 13 May 2009 (UTC)

Shields can recharge[edit]

The last part of the last sentence in the appearance section says that their shields cannot regenerate after being popped. I know this to be untrue as I have has Locust in the past recharge their shields after taken body damage. It could be that whoever wrote that part never kept one alive after their shields were taken down, seeing how they don't have much health left at that point. Pretty sure they have the lowest health of any unit. Perhaps tied with the ghost. JFHIK 04:24, 18 March 2011 (EDT)