Wuchek-pattern Spectre

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This article is about Spectre variant featured in Halo: Combat Evolved. For introduced in Halo 2, see Wuzum-pattern Spectre.
Wuchek-pattern Patroller
The Wuchek-pattern Spectre restored to Halo: CE.
Production information

Product line:


Technical specifications


1 rapid-fire heavy plasma cannon;[1]
Modification or ancestor of Mamua'uda-pattern Shade[1]



1 passenger[1]



Patrol craft




The Wuchek-pattern Patroller (more commonly known as the Spectre) is a ground vehicle formerly in service with the Covenant.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Wuchek-pattern Spectre is defined from its Wuzum-pattern counterpart by its distinct red outer hull. It incorporates a rapid-fire heavy plasma cannon bespoke-designed by Achoem Weapons as payment for a now-undocumented favour - believed to be either an ancestor or modification of the Mamua'uda-pattern Shade turret.[1]

Development history[edit]

The Wuchek design pattern of the Spectre line was designed by the Sangheili transport architect, Dren 'Teconzee, and incorporated a number of heterodox modifications of older Forerunner mechanisms beneath its nanolaminate hull. 'Teconzee's meticulous approach to this custom design saw him modify the vehicle's propulsion systems, navigation controls, power plant and weapons array.[1]

The bespoke nature of the vehicle, and its usage of ancient Forerunner mechanisms, meant it was never widely manufactured and thus remained a rare sight on the battlefield.[1]


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Production Notes[edit]

The Wuchek-pattern Spectre was developed for, and ultimately one of several cut vehicles from the pre-release era of Halo: Combat Evolved, with several pieces of concept art and in-game footage showcased at E3 2000. At the time of its development, the vehicle was named the "Shadow", a name that would later be applied to a Covenant troop transport vehicle introduced in Halo 2. Halo 2 would also see the introduction of the Wuzum-pattern Spectre, based heavily on the cut "Shadow" but given a significant redesign.

The vehicle was restored as part of the Digsite Alpha initiative and later canonised in 2022 as the Wuchek-pattern Spectre.[1] In 2023, the restored Spectre was released for use in Halo: Combat Evolved modding via the Halo Editing Kit as a fully functioning vehicle, featuring an operational driver, gunner and passenger seat. For simplicity, the vehicle was renamed from its in-development "Shadow" name to the Spectre in the fixed-up files.[2]