Ancient Sangheili galley

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Art of the Ancient Sangheili galley.
The ancient Sangheili galley.

This unidentified galley was employed by the ancient Sangheili of the Former Age, the era prior to the foundation of the Covenant empire.[1]


Design details[edit]

This ship features three triangular sails as well as at least twelve oars to provide propulsion, making it similar to the galleys of humanity's own history. As another similarity to many human galleys, this ship includes what appears to be a metallic naval ram on its bow. Above the ram is a large metal figurehead from which the ship's bowsprit extends. The ship's hull sweeps upward toward the bow and a protrusion akin to a quaterdeck can be seen at the aft of the vessel.[1]


This ship was utilized by the Sangheili to navigate the tempestuous seas of Sanghelios at some point prior to the species' formation of the Covenant with the San'Shyuum.[1]


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