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Eklon'Dal Workshop Warrior Carriage
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Production information


Eklon War-Forges[1]

Product line:


Technical specifications


13.4 meters (43.8 ft)[1]


8.4 meters (27.4 ft)[1]


4.1 meters (13.3 ft)[1]


61.1 metric tons (60.1 LT; 67.4 ST)[1]


Boosted gravity propulsion drive[2]




1 driver[1]


16 passengers[1]



Troop transport




The Eklon'Dal Workshop Warrior Carriage, colloquially known as Wraith Invader, is a troop transport in the Wraith family vehicles operated by the Banished.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

The Wraith Invader consists of a series of wide-sweeping modifications done to the hulls of damaged and destroyed Eklon'Dal Workshop Wraith tanks. While the frontal section of the Wraith Invader remains mostly unchanged from the standard Wraith derivatives, it has been substantially up-armoured. Comparatively, the back section has been significantly re-engineered to see the incorporation of a large troop housing bay capable of holding up to sixteen warriors. This bay is outfitted with external firing ports, allowing the occupants to contribute to the defence of the vehicle in a manner similar to the M650 Mastodon in use within the United Nations Space Command. The troop bay's flanks have six access ports, allowing the infantry payload within the ability to rapidly disembark from the Wraith once at their objective.[1]


The Wraith Invader has a variable armament, though in general a much lighter payload than its ancestors. The modifications the vehicle has undertaken to allow for its infantry complement have also seen the removal of the Wraith's classic plasma mortar - instead replaced by a single remote-operated siphoning beam. This turret can be refit to support a range of other weapons including scorch plasma mortars[1] - although presumably lighter models more akin to that found on the Rizvum-pattern Revenant than a full heavy mortar.

To make up for its lack of armament, the Wraith Invader is the most heavily armoured transport in the Banished ground fleet, and the addition of its firing ports allow embarked passengers to contribute their firepower to the vehicle's defence.[1]

Development history[edit]

The original models were commissioned by Warlord Pavium, of the Clan of the Long Shields, for the creation of a troop transport that would be capable of penetrating deep into enemy territory with a full payload of warriors ready for deployment. The design was later fully-adopted by the Eklon War-Forges and incorporated into their large series of heavy vehicles in service within the Banished military forces.[1] This proved a prime example of the relatively simple Banished approval process when compared to those of the Covenant before it; in the old empire, the approval process for new design pattern variations was an extremely strict and controlled process that might take decades to navigate through the bureaucratic framework of High Charity to reach the approval of the Hierarchs. By contrast, Banished procurement can be done by individual clan leaders on an as-needed basis - only restricted by the availability of the resources needed to construct them.[2][3]

Operational history[edit]

The Wraith Invader design was first created at the behest of Warlord Pavium during the Second Ark Conflict in 2559, intended as a tool for use in deploying infantry to cut off enemy supply lines and sever their ability to fight. This method of deployment was put to great effect during the conflict on the installation. More recently, the return of Atriox to the Milky Way has provided an opportunity for the Wraith Invader's design ethos to be spread to the mainline Banished forces within the Milky Way. UNSC personnel fighting in the occupation of Installation 07 have suspected that Invaders have been most recently put to use on the ringworld, though such reports currently remain inconclusive.[1]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Mobile Garrison, Can transport infantry, Infantry can fire from within, Equipped with powerful leeching beam.
  • Tier: 1
  • Cost: Population 4, Supplies 380, Power 100
  • Wraith Invader upgrade:
    • Carrier Overdrive
    • Info: Increased weapon range and damage, Increases shield capacity.
    • Tier: 3
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 600

Wraith Invaders are exclusive to Pavium and can be made at the Banished outpost once the leader power has unlocked them. Like the Banished Phantom the Wraith Invader primarily serves as a troop transport for 3 infantry squads. It does okay against infantry, but poorly against vehicles, aircraft, and structures. In Blitz, Wraith Invaders cost Blitz Energy 100 energy.

Phoenix log[edit]

Phoenix Log - Wraith Invader
Phoenix log artwork

Assault transport.

The Wraith Invader is an infantry fighting vehicle available to Warlord Pavium. It is armed with a siphoning beam, which repairs the transport, and can carry two units of infantry. Each of the infantry units can fire out of the Wraith Invader. In addition to standard vehicle upgrades the gravity propulsion system of the Wraith Invader can be boosted with Carrier Overdrive, significantly increasing its shield strength and damage.

In the Covenant, ecclesiastical authorities ultimately oversaw even the most trivial modifications to existing designs. Improvements or alterations required layers of bureaucracy to navigate, and often took decades to gain approval from the Prophets. The Banished approval process is much simpler: if there is a demonstrated need and materials available a pack leader can make any changes that he or she wishes. The Wraith Invader is an example of this freedom, with Pavium taking damaged mortar tank hulls and repurposing them into heavy troop carriers.


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