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Type-25 Wraith
A render of the Type-25 Wraith (cropped from the original here).
Production information

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Technical specifications

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Energy shielding (optional)[1]



1 driver[1]


In service:

Human-Covenant War


Artillery tank




The Type-25 Assault Gun Carriage (T-25 AGC)[2] is a vehicle in the Wraith line of mortar tanks employed by the armed forces of the Covenant empire.[3][4]


Design details[edit]

Main article: Wraith

The Type-25 was type-classified by the Office of Naval Intelligence in 2525, presumably during the earliest encounters with the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War. It is broadly similar in design to most other Wraiths, with a plasma cannon mounted atop the driver's hatch in a manner similar to the more common Zurdo-pattern Wraith design. Unlike the Zurdo-pattern, the T-25 appears to lack a position for an operator to sit inbetween the driver hatch and the primary plasma mortar, with the antipersonnel plasma turret seemingly either remote-operated or automatically operated via dummy modules in a manner similar to the automated plasma cannons of the Muz-pattern Wraith.[1]

The Type-25 can be upgraded with several modifications to improve the vehicle's efficacy in the field. The first is the scorch upgrade for the heavy plasma mortar, allowing the plasma to superheat the terrain around the impact site to prevent enemy traversal for a period of time after detonation. The second is a Plasma Modulator, which increases the overall power of the plasma mortar.[1] The vehicle can also be upgraded with an energy shielding module for better active defence against incoming attacks.[1]


  • Honor Guard Wraith - A specialised variation of Wraith employed exclusively by the Covenant's Honor Guard. The Honor Guard Wraith's primary differences lie in its altered coating, though it has almost no operational differences.
  • Anti-Air - An anti-aircraft variant of the Type-25. This variant was used by Merg Vol's Covenant when attacking Draetheus V.[5]

In-game information[edit]

Halo Wars[edit]

The Type-25 Wraith appears in Halo Wars, and serves as the main Covenant battle tank with good speed and excellent range.

  • Cost: Resources 350, Tech level 1, Population 3

The Wraith can be given the following upgrades:

  • Heavy Shield: Adds energy shield which deflects some incoming damage. Resources 200, Tech level 1.
  • Scorch: Special attack leaves a bubbling plasma splash on the ground for added damage. Resources 400, Tech level 2.
  • Plasma Modulator: Large boost to plasma mortar damage. Resources 700, Tech level 3.


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