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Live to Fight
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Halo: Spartan Assault


Spartan Palmer





Spartan Assault scores

HSA Star Gold.png90,000 • HSA Star Silver.png65,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png40,000

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Live to Fight is the fourth mission of Halo: Spartan Assault. The mission features Spartan Sarah Palmer fighting her way through a valley with a Type-26 Wraith, as she destroys Covenant air support.


Although the UNSC forces successfully slowed the Covenant, enemy numbers were too great to halt their advance indefinitely. A continuous stream of Covenant infantry, Type-26 Wraiths, and air support were moving towards Research Facility Alpha.

Having concluded that returning to the main facility would be useless, Spartan Palmer began fighting her way upstream through the invasion in an attempt to reach one of the northern outposts. Her plan was to destroy Covenant air support and give the UNSC Hornets a chance to land near the outposts. The ultimate goal was to get off X50 and warn Draetheus-V of the Covenant invasion.


Destroy the Wraith wreckage to clear the path[edit]

Spartan Sarah Palmer is standing nearby a Type-26 Wraith and wreckages of numerous Covenant and UNSC vehicles, including an M808 Scorpion. Palmer enters the Wraith, but her path to the rest of the valley is blocked by the wreckage of another Wraith. After destroying the remains of the Wraith, Palmer continues through into the valley in her own Wraith.

Destroy the Anti-Air Wraiths[edit]

As she continues through the valley, Palmer encounters two Unggoy Minors, led by a single Sangheili Minor. Palmer quickly eliminates the Covenant hostiles. Further in the valley, she encounters a Type-52 Anti-Aircraft Wraith and three Unggoy Minors. As she nears the AA Wraith, it shoots down a passing AV-14 Hornet. The Spartan eventually manages to destroy the AA Wraith and the nearby Unggoy. After destroying the Wraith, another Hornet flies above, while a Wraith and numerous Unggoy attack Palmer's Wraith. She succeeds in destroying all hostile threats.

Further in the valley, Spartan Palmer discovers another AA Wraith protected by a Sangheili and several Unggoy Minors — one of which is controlling a Type-26 Shade. Nearby, a second Type-26 Wraith sits in the valley, unmanned. After Palmer destroys the AA Wraith and its security detail, another Wraith and a large amount of Unggoy attack her. The Spartan is eventually able to destroy all nearby Covenant forces.

As Spartan Palmer nears the end of the valley, she encounters a third AA Wraith, a Type-26 Wraith, and a small group of Unggoy Minors. Using her own Wraith, Palmer is quickly able to destroy the last of the AA Wraiths, as well as all other forces in the area.

Reach the other side of the valley[edit]

With all Wraiths destroyed, Palmer heads to the very end of the valley. As a third Hornet flies overhead, Palmer finds a Sangheili Minor, with two Unggoy Minors. The Spartan kills all three hostiles. Spartan Palmer drives her Wraith to the end of the valley, leading to a very narrow strip of land with tall walls of rock on either side. The path being to narrow for her Wraith, Palmer exits her vehicle and continues down the path.