Hunt for the Cult Leader

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Infiltration of the Cult Leader's Base


Battle for the Moon

Hunt for the Cult Leader
Hunt for the Cult Leader.png


Halo: Spartan Assault


Spartan Palmer






Track down and kill the cult leader's lieutenants

Spartan Assault scores

HSA Star Gold.png225,000 • HSA Star Silver.png125,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png85,000

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Hunt for the Cult Leader is the twenty-fourth mission of Halo: Spartan Assault. Completing the level without using any vehicles or turrets unlocks the Foot Soldier achievement.[1]


In the hours since launching their attack, the Covenant cultists had established themselves in a long ice-covered gorge between Merg Vol's camp and the Forerunner Structure, setting up an almost-impregnable position.

With Merg Vol's camp neutralized, Spartan Palmer made her way to the Forerunner structure. The Covenant troops there were Merg Vol's most devout followers and threw themselves at her mercilessly. Palmer would have to battle her way through heavy opposition. And before she could confront Merg Vol himself, she first needed to deal with his lieutenants.


Eliminate Merg Vol's lieutenants[edit]

Spartan Sarah Palmer stands in a rocky landscape nearby several destroyed vehicles. Palmer must kill all six of Merg Vol's lieutenants. As she moves forward, a Banshee flies overhead. She soon discovers a group of Unggoy Minors and quickly defeats them. As another Banshee flies above, Palmer kills a nearby Sangheili Minor. An untouched Ghost sits nearby. Continuing forward, she encounters several more Grunts. One of them attempts to man a Shade turret, but she manages to kill all of them. Ahead, a Sangheili Field Master, one of Vol's lieutenants, attacks Palmer and is reinforced by a Wraith. Eventually she manages to kill the Field Master and destroy the Wraith.

Continuing north, two Sangheili operating Ghosts attack Palmer. She eventually manages to destroy them and she continues on her way. To the left, a Sangheili Major and an Unggoy-manned Shade turret fire at Palmer, covering Vol's second lieutenant. Nearby, a swarm of Yanme'e Minors and another Wraith attack the Spartan. After defeating a large amount of Drones, Palmer is able to kill the Field Master. Palmer comes across another small Covenant encampment with the third lieutenant, protected by several Ghosts. As she engages the Field Master, more Yanme'e Minors attack. Spartan Palmer eventually defeats all Covenant forces in the area, including the lieutenant. After destroying a Ghost, Palmer discovers the fourth Field Master protected by a Shade, a Sangheili Major, and several Unggoy. After destroying the Shade, the Spartan is able to kill the lieutenant and his protectors. Shortly after, the area is attacked by a Wraith and Ghosts.

After Palmer eliminates the hostile vehicles, she continues east. She encounters more Wraiths and Ghosts, but she is able to destroy them. As she continues, she discovers a Jiralhanae Chieftain, but Palmer is able to kill him. She soon comes across a small valley that is surrounded by roadblocks, forcing Palmer to abandon any vehicle she is using. After she kills the Sangheili, Yanme'e, and Kig-Yar Minors guarding the area, she continues into the encampment in the valley. After killing a Sangheili Major, she discovers a Field Master with a Covenant automated plasma turret. After the Spartan destroys the turret, Ghosts attack and she engages the Field Master. However, the sixth and final lieutenant arrives and battles the Spartan. After a long firefight, Palmer is successful in killing Merg Vol's remaining lieutenants.


At some points throughout the level, the player can see the reflection of the damaged Draetheus V on the level's reflective, rocky landscape.