Infiltration of the Cult Leader's Base

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Hunt for the Cult Leader

Infiltration of the Cult Leader's Base
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Halo: Spartan Assault


Spartan Palmer






Eliminate all Covenant forces

Spartan Assault scores
HSA Star Gold.png150,000 • HSA Star Silver.png90,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png60,000

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Infiltration of the Cult Leader's Base is the twenty-third mission of Halo: Spartan Assault.


Merg Vol's base on the moon was surrounded by Cheru-pattern Tyrant anti-aircraft turrets. Hearing of Spartan Palmer's theft of Parg Vol's ship, Merg Vol ordered every flying craft to be shot down, the only exception being commanding officers' Phantoms.

Having successfully piloted the Phantom through the Covenant fleet orbiting Draetheus V's moon, Palmer was able to land south of Merg Vol's camp, out of range of his turrets. Her Trojan Horse tactic had worked. Although she was closing in on Merg Vol, she still had to fight her way through a heavily fortified camp of his most seasoned soldiers. If only she could persuade them to leave the safety of their positions.


Eliminate all enemies[edit]

Spartan Sarah Palmer exits Parg Vol's R'shwupa-pattern Phantom. Nearby, a Kig-Yar Minor is patrolling. Palmer eliminates him, alerting several other Kig-Yar nearby. North, a Sangheili Minor leads a lance of Unggoy Majors. Palmer encounters them and, after a brief firefight, she manages to kill them all. Nearby is the base of one of the Tyrant anti-aircraft turrets. Several Sangheili and Kig-Yar Minors exit it and join the fight. As the Spartan continues to battle the Covenant soldiers coming from within the Tyrant, Kig-Yar, Unggoy, and Sangheili forces enter the fray from all directions. Meanwhile, a Jiralhanae Chieftain enters the area from the far west and upon seeing the Spartan, charges at Palmer. Shortly after the Brute Chieftain's arrival, a Stealth Sangheili stalks Palmer and attacks her when she nears.

Spartan Palmer is eventually successful in eliminating the Sangheili and Jiralhanae Chieftain. While more Kig-Yar and Unggoy—including suicidal Unggoy Minors—enter the battle, several Sangheili Majors exit the Tyrant's base and attack the Spartan. After Palmer is successful in killing dozens of Kig-Yar, Sangheili, and Unggoy forces, a second Jiralhanae Chieftain exits the Tyrant and charges at Palmer. Eventually, she manages to kill him. From the north, a third Jiralhanae Chieftain enters the Tyrant's clearing and attacks. However, Palmer is successful in killing him too. With the Chieftain dead, all Covenant forces in the area have been eliminated.



  • The best strategy is to move through the passages leading to the left side of the Tyrant and kill the Jackals encountered there which can be done through assassination. Upon reaching the front of the gun, the easiest way to fight the overwhelming numbers of Covenant that will attack is to hijack the Wraith in the area and use its guns to shoot down every Covenant you can. Eventually, all that will be left will be a few Covenant and one of the Jiralhanae Chieftains outside of Wraith range. After eliminating them, return to the Wraith and use its weapons to kill the two other Chieftains which will be in range of the Wraith.