The Mirror Mantle Counter-Assault

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The Mirror Mantle Counter-Assault
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Halo: Spartan Assault


Spartan Palmer





Spartan Assault scores
HSA Star Gold.png45,000 • HSA Star Silver.png25,000 • HSA Star Bronze.png20,000

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The Mirror Mantle Counter-Assault is the second mission of Halo: Spartan Assault. The mission features Spartan Sarah Palmer moving through Mirror Mantle Ridge on X50 to destroy three fuel rod turrets that are attacking Research Facility Alpha on Mirror Flats below.


X50's huge stretches of ice, the Mirror Flats, were flanked by towering ice cliffs. After ordering their main Wraith battalion to assault Research Facility Alpha, the Covenant had quickly deployed Phantoms to set up supporting artillery along the eastern cliff wall. With this artillery operational, a UNSC counter-offensive would be suicide. This rendered Alpha facility a vulnerable target.

Spartan Palmer and a detachment of Marines were sent to infiltrate the Covenant positions and destroy the plasma artillery. Navigating the maze of cracks covering Mirror Mantle Ridge would have been an insurmountable challenge for most soldiers, but Palmer was able to use the terrain to her advantage and surprise the artillery positions. Here victory was instrumental in giving Alpha facility a fighting chance.


Destroy Fuel Rod turrets[edit]

Spartan Sarah Palmer and two UNSC Marines are deployed to the Mirror Mantle Ridge by an AV-14 Hornet. Shortly after, the Hornet flies away and leaves the area. On Mirror Flats below, UNSC M808 Scorpion tanks are locked in battle with Covenant Zurdo-pattern Wraiths and Karo'etba-pattern Ghosts. Several Type-26 Banshees fly overhead. As Palmer and the Marines move through the ridge, they encounter a Mamua'uda-pattern Shade. An Unggoy Minor desperately runs for the Shade in an attempt to use it against the Spartan and Marines, but nonetheless Palmer eliminates the Unggoy, along with the rest of its lance consisting of two more Unggoy Minors and a Sangheili Minor. As the Marines and Palmer continue through the ridge, they discover the first fuel rod turret guarded by a Sangheili Minor and three Unggoy. A Ru'swum-pattern Phantom drops off several Unggoy before it takes off and leaves the engagement. Palmer and the Marines succeed in destroying the turret, along with the surrounding Covenant forces.

Palmer and the Marines continue through the ridge and encounter a Sangheili Minor leading numerous Unggoy Minors. Following a firefight, Palmer and surviving Marines continue to a lightly guarded fuel rod turret. After the turret is destroyed, they move forward only to be attacked by several Unggoy, one of which is manning a Shade turret. After killing the Unggoy, three Sangheili Minors and several more Unggoy attack the Spartan and Marines. They fight forward, killing all Covenant forces in the way.

After eliminating most of the resistance, Palmer discovers the third fuel rod turret on a secluded cliff. She is forced to go around a small ridge, as the Covenant has blocked off access to the nearby entrance to the area. Although the turret is protected by another Sangheili Minor and two Unggoy, Spartan Palmer succeeds in destroyed the turret and kills its guards.

Reach the extraction point[edit]

With all three fuel rod turrets destroyed, Palmer and any surviving Marines retreat back to an extraction point, retracing their steps through the ridge. Palmer eventually makes her way to the extraction point, where a Hornet is awaiting her arrival. Several Unggoy Minors attempt to stop the Spartan's Hornet, but Palmer and any surviving Marines succeed in making it to the Hornet's seats on the landing skids.